Coalescence 2018: Prelude

Prelude for Coalescence: Desolation of Eristrat Lord-Castellant Serendis Stormeye coughed up another wad of dusty phlegm and congealed blood, struggling to move against the hundreds of pounds of stone that was pinning her limbs. Even the strength of a demigod seemed anemic when measured against the weight of the avalanche of debris that was once […]

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Death Wins

Thanks to all the NEOs that registered to run events and reported results on Twitter, Facebook, or by email. And thanks to all the players that attended local events and participated in another Coalescence global narrative event. We enjoyed seeing so many great narratives and pictures from different events. In the coming weeks we will […]

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Preparing for Coalescence

The Coalescence: Malign Portents is only a few days away, on March 17, and if you’re looking for the pack it’s on this page. You can still register as a NEO, but the important part is reporting your results by this process: Snap a photo of all your players together holding up the winning Grand Alliance icon. […]

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NEO of Note: Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner ran Coalescence for his local group in Madison, WI last summer and is preparing to run the narrative event at Adepticon coming up soon on March 22nd! It will feature 16 players all striving to accomplish their goals within the indoor monument that is the Gibbering Dome.  The event will be using all […]

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MP Coalescence Player’s Directory

  Below is a list of local events confirmed with the NEO network to run MP Coalescence. Check out the link for more information specific to each individual event. AUS Perth AUS Sydney CAN Jasper, AB TUR Istanbul UK Cardiff UK Crediton UK Warhammer World USA Blacksburg, VA […]

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