About NEON

We are the NEON. Here is our manifesto:

Inspire players to embrace the Narrative Play of Age of Sigmar.

We wield models, play areas, terrain, maps, game mechanics and anything else we can think of to create and share stories within the Mortal Realms. When NEOs are given room to impact the battles on the table, the legends echo beyond the last battle round.

Produce a collective fountain of knowledge & resources

Beyond the 4 edges of the battlefield the NEOs play, experimenting with game mechanics, tweaking scenarios, and mashing ideas together to serve players and narrative. Because we freely borrow, we freely share.

Encourage more Narrative Events by encouraging more NEO

We hail the NEOphyte who takes those community resources ventures out to run events of all sizes, from small weekend campaigns to full on narrative event weekends. The secrets of space rental, pack writing, event promotion, players attraction and expectation setting, need but to be unlocked.