Here you will find many amazing Narrative Play online communities and discussion groups, as well as online content creators sharing Age of Sigmar Narrative Play or lore commentary.

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Narrative Play rules, lore & gaming content

2+ Tough

The premier source for AoS lore, stories and narrative rules review. Let the lore expert Doug (@tough_up) introduce you to the lore of the game, take you down the big arcs and small stories hidden in the books, as well as what makes each army and location in the Mortal Realms what they are.
You can also find analysis of new narrative supplements and rules, coverage of narrative events and campaigns, as well as lore writing competitions.

The Mortal Realms podcast network

The Mortal Realms team (@TheMortalRealms) are the resident experts in “the deep lore” of Age of Sigmar. They give you in-depth discussions of the lore within new battletomes and supplements, as well as Black Library novels. Their podcast network also covers Warcry (@DogsofWarcry) and Warhamer: Underworlds (@WTHcast) in addition to AoS, with coverage of narrative campaigns and Path to Glory (@PathtoStory), how to use them in your games and discussion on their conversions and custom army ideas. And of course the ever popular Mortal Realms book club and lore discussions (see Communities below).

Seriously Narrative podcast

Matt, Renee and Evelyn Tucker produce a family-friendly podcast focused on all aspects of narrative play and managing it in their local scene. There’s battle reports of sorts, original narrative readings from their army’s perspective, Path to Glory, building an army narrative background, painting, as well as Interviews and brainstorming with their local players.

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Narrative Play gaming

Dice Sagas

A big community of narrative players, with hobby hangouts and the best narrative battle reports out there, with voice over and visual special effects!!! They run their online narrative collaborations and campaigns in an original location of the Mortal Realms, the Interstice pocket realm, and the Dice Sagas team (@Dice_Sagas) creates brilliant animated shorts featuring players’ original creations! (see Communities below).


Sometimes it’s nice to sit back on the couch and watch someone else roll that dice. Narrative labs livestreams amazing narrative games on Twitch, where the chat determines what happens!
Viewers can influence the game through live chat and polls. There are also ongoing campaigns and online events that you can interact with via live chat and Discord polls.

Mini Wargaming Studios

Renowned battle report and campaign content creators, MiniWargaming’s narrative campaigns and games are top notch high production quality, with cinematic setups and voice overs. Learn how to run your own campaigns and create unique setups with these veterans of the wargaming industry.

Rerolling Ones

The best skit comedy in Age of Sigmar brings you lots of battle reports as well as new release reviews and discussions. Featuring narrative Path to Glory and other thematic battleplans!

Narrative Collaboration Communities

The Great Weave

Where all the narrative background and events come together: the largest web of original characters and locations in the Mortal Realms. The Great Weave is a hosting platform for players’ original lore: on their characters, locations and campaigns, as well as cross-pollination into each others’ stories and games. Sharing your creations and collaborating to create online events has never been easier! The Great Weave also runs periodic online campaigns, with effects on the ongoing lore of other players. The Great Weave Discord server is also very active, full of Narrative Play discussions and projects, connecting narrative players worldwide.

Animosity Campaigns

Animosity runs massive worldwide online campaigns, with collaborative storytelling via games, hobby or writing. The games (and hobby) are all done locally! Just play your games, submit the result, and watch your actions make a difference.
The Animosity Discord is also a great place to play AoS via TTS, discuss Narrative Play, get feedback on hobby and gaming projects as well as lore writing. A great community, and tools galore at your disposal.

The Mortal Realms Discord & Book Club

The regular online meetup to discuss new Black Library releases, where all the experts on “the deep lore” of Age of Sigmar gather.

Dice Sagas Community

The collaborative hobby and storytelling Discord server for Dice Sagas, where players can settle their original pocket realm, the Interstice, with their own creations which build up the story of this location and shape future campaigns.

Narrative Play hobby, rules resources and inspiration to apply in your own creations

WarbossKurgan’s Blog

Amazing blog by a veteran narrative player and NEO, with an expertise for skirmish campaigns, orruks, pirates and creating the haunted Shyish aesthetic on the tabletop.
Great advice, battle reports and hobby projects.


Master creator and designer NEO Steve Foote (@tinracersteve) has a whole vault of amazing hobby projects, and a hundred more designed, for your inspiration. Endless designs for narrative and themed wargaming tables, display boards and customized kitbashes, this is the place for inspiration to bring the Mortal Realms to life.

Hive Fleet Charybdis blog

Prolific NEO Duncan Hall has created endless Narrative Play supplements and custom rules, to be adapted to any situation and deployed in your games. If you need a new rule or inspiration, go here. Duncan has many years of experience creating narrative play and running a gaming group at the local level.

Artisans of Sigmar & Kitbashed

Virtuoso narrative creator Ricki Smith (@KitbashedGaming) has done it all: amazing kitbashes, custom warscrolls, original lore and narrative campaigns, fan-made battletomes, and all sorts of other supplements.
The Kitbashed website is the biggest resource for conversion examples and showcase of using GW kits in all sorts of creative ways, for all Grand Alliances.

Realm of Plastic

The one-stop shop for all the names that can ever be in the Mortal Realms. Name generators for characters, locations, armies, strongholds, cities, and even foods and drinks! Jamie (@RealmofPlastic) has created the best place for inspiration and original background creation for your games, at the click of a button.

The Emerald Canticle

Experienced lore-builder and master converter @Shadowclaimer has created an ever-growing Stormcast Eternals stormhost, complete with its own fiction, background and unique Ghryranite conversions. Find out how you too can craft your own army’s lore, flesh out characters, and build upon it with each edition of the game and advancing storyline.

Strengthhammer blog & Youtube show

Veteran AoS community member Chuck Moore (@StrengthHammer_) brings you the most extensive advice on building up your army’s lore, and especially on crafting it from event to event: whether it is a matched play tournament or a full-on narrative event, you can do it! You will also find extensive commentary on gameplay and state of the game, as well as event coverage and many hobby pun cameos of famous pop music singers.

AoS28: The Dark Age of Sigmar

From the initiative of Black Library author Jake Ozga (@Ex_Profundis) comes this collaborative community, of enthusiasts of horror and dread in the Mortal Realms. It is that extra grimdark (emphasis on the dark) of gothic horror and muted colors, of body horror and sense of dread and hopelessness. A heaven for conversion ideas as well as themes and story hooks for truly grimdark stories and campaigns.

Cinderfall Gaming

Luke Stone (@DadHammerNEO) keeps you up to date with what is going on in Age of Sigmar, from how to get started with each army, to the latest releases. You will find the latest news on the AoS comunity, together with discussions on developing your armies’ lore and narrative battle reports.

The Mitzy and Jimbo Show

Hosts Mitzy (@EATBATSmitzy) and Jimbo (@Jimbo9Jimbo) (of the Realms at War team) bring viewers an in-depth discussion of Age of Sigmar content, with focus on narrative event organizing and new releases for the game. They also share hobby techniques, have guest interviews and give a state of the game reviewing tournaments and events, while also recommending you good beer and ale.

Mengel Miniatures

The master Tyler Mengel’s (@MengelMinis) blog, stocked with review of new releases, masterful conversions and painting tips, as well as custom narrative rules and the first fan-made battletome to grace the Age of Sigmar: the Endless Deserts of the Tomb Kings!


Prolific community organizer Alexander Nygard (@Darth_Alec) is the author behind the full AoS conversion of the Battletome: The End times, as well as many review of new releases and countless narrative hobby projects. Alexander is also a very active lore commenter in the online community, on Twitter and Discord servers.

In the NEOs’ own words
Narrative Play discussions across the years

Most recent at the top.

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The Mitzy & Jimbo Show – Narrative events, Morathi’s Base and Madrid Mike

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Warhammer Weekly – Rise of Empires & Narrative Campaigns w/Steve Foote

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