Here you will find many amazing Narrative Play online communities and discussion groups, as well as online content creators sharing Age of Sigmar Narrative Play or lore commentary.

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In the NEOs’ own words
Narrative Play discussions across the years

Warhammer Weekly – Mc1Gamer – The Narrative Campaign & General’s Handbook

Warhammer Weekly – Narrative Wargaming w/ Steve Foote

Warhammer Weekly – Eric StoneMonk and Narrative Events

Warhammer Weekly – Holy Havoc & Narrative Tourneys w/The Mortal Realms

Warhammer Weekly – Holy Wars Recap & Narrative/Hobby Tourneys w/Steve Herner

Warhammer Weekly – Rise of Empires & Narrative Campaigns w/Steve Foote

The Mitzy & Jimbo Show – Narrative gaming in The Age of Sigmar (Soul Wars)

The Mitzy & Jimbo Show – Narrative events, Morathi’s Base and Madrid Mike

2+ Tough – Making a Theme for Your Army

2+ Tough – Forge Your Own Lore

The Mitzy & Jimbo Show – RAW, Realms at War & Blood & Glory 2018

2+ Tough – AOS Narrative Mission Design

The Mitzy & Jimbo Show – The Mitzmanheim Massacre – The Long Lost TMAJS

Cinderfall Gaming: The Age of Sigmar Narrative Show – The Realms

The Mitzy & Jimbo Show – The 8th Wonder of Ghur

The Mitzy & Jimbo Show – Realms at War 2019 – Organising a Narrative Event

Cinderfall Gaming: The Narrative Show – A Year in Review and Where to find Narrative Play expansions.

The Mitzy, Jimbo and Warboss Kurgan Show – Skirmish games in the world of Warhammer

AoS Coach – Building A Personal Narrative in Age of Sigmar w/ Chuck Moore ‘Strengthhammer’

The Mitzy, Jimbo and Eric Show – Soulbound RPG we play our first adventure

Warhammer Weekly – Narrative Warhammer with Paul Wagner from the Mortal Realms

The Mitzy, Jimbo and Ricki Show The Empires of Industry Midnight City

AoS Coach – Narrative Events: Organiser Resource w/ Mitzy & Jimbo

2+ Tough- Make Incredible Lore For Your Army Today!