Here are links to assorted resources to help you design and run your own event. Please contact us if you have resources you’re willing to share with others.

AoS NEON group on Facebook:

Award templates for player certificates: WORD document: FH3 AWARD BARD

Character name generators: Realm of Plastic name generator links

Campaign packs: 

Animosity I:

Fobidden Power: Midnight Tomb:

Holy Havoc:

Labyrinth of Eternity:

Warcry fighter card creation tool:

for the event packs for RAW:

Realms at War 2016 – Legends

Realms at War 2017 – Leviathans

Realms at War 2018 – Aethermy

Realms at War 2019 – Uprising

Realms at War 2021 – Cogforts