Here are links to assorted resources to help you design and run your own event, or share with your players. Please contact us if you have resources you’re willing to share with others.

Traveller’s Guide video to the Mortal Realms, by Games Workshop.

Keep on top of the official lore to help you set your story within the Mortal Realms.

2+ Tough Lore series

The Mortal Realms Podcast – Story Phase
The Mortal Realms ‘book club’ group

Overview of what to expect in Narrative Events around the world, by Mitzy & Jimbo

AoS NEON group on Facebook: a place for narrative players and NEOs (Narrative Event Organizers) to share ideas, get feedback and brainstorm.

Narrative Play Forum on ‘The Grand Alliance Community’: public community location where narrative players ask questions, showcase their local campaigns and get feedback on their homebrew rules.

Generators from Realm of Plastic: the highly-acclaimed one-stop shop for naming everything in the Mortal Realms!
Character names, settlements, drinks and dishes from the Mortal Realms

Warscroll creation tool (by @Runebrush)

Warcry fighter cards creation tool (by Rachel@nershly & Hennirocks)

GAMING AIDS: Open Play 3.0 battleplan generator cards

GAMING AIDS: Age of Sigmar 3.0 Allegiance rules, Artefacts and Reference cards

Path to Glory 3.0 Rules Reference Sheet w/ Roster

Triumph & Treachery cards for AoS by Jeffrey Egan & Eric ‘Stonemonk’

DREAMLANDS narrative wargaming tables book by Footeworks @tinracersteve

Inspiration for fantastic realmscapes: #PostcardsFromTheRealms
Gathered on Twitter by all narrative enthusiasts of the Realms!

Award templates for player certificates: WORD document FH3 AWARD BARD

TABLETOP CAMPAIGN REPOSITORY: dedicated repository of narrative custom rulesets and campaign rules packages – by Sean Begley