Realms at War 2016 – Legends

Realms at War 2017 – Leviathans

Realms at War 2018 – Aethermy

Realms at War 2019 – Uprising

Realms at War 2021 – Cogforts

Rise of Empires: The One True Realmgate (Hobbyhammer)

Rise of Empires: Realm Hoppers (Hobbyhammer)

All Hallows Siege (The Mortal Realms)

The End Times Age of Sigmar Battletome (Fjordhammer)

The Endless Deserts – Tomb Kings Unnoficial Battletome (Tyler Mengel)

Coalescence Global Narrative Event: 2017

Coalescence Global Narrative Event: Malign Portents 2018

Coalescence Global Narrative Event: Desolation of Eristrat 2018

Fawkes Hunt 3: 2018 (Aaron Bostian)

NOVA Open Grand Narrative 2018

Warhammer Achievements 7: 2019 (Steve Wren)

Warhammer World: Midnight Tomb (Steve Wren)

Labyrinth of Eternity (Andy Long)

Hive Fleet Charibdys Efengie campaign & narrative supplement packs (Duncan Hall)

The Gibbering Dome (The Mortal Realms)

The Plunging Spires Warcry (The Mortal Realms)

Holy Havoc 2018 Player Pack, Table Rules (Stephen Herner)

Vital Objectives: dynamic and varied mission objectives – by Tyler Mengel

Narrative Toolbox of easy-to-insert rules – by Duncan Hall from Hive Fleet Charybdis

Narrative Rules cards from GHB 2018 – by Hanskrampf

Warfront: An Age of Sigmar Map League – By Nuno Martins

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