NEO of Note: Alexander Nygård

We interviewed one of the NEOs involved with designing the rules pack and writing battleplans for Coalescence to talk about narrative gaming and his AoS podcast called FjordHammer, a show which focuses on book reviews and interviews with community members. NEON: Can you introduce yourself? Alexander: Hey, my name is Alexander Nygård, and I’m a Norwegian […]

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A Coalescence Retrospective: Part V

One of the 45 locations reporting results for Coalescence 2017 was an event in Milford, MA. Brian has provided an overview of their event along with an exciting narrative of final, epic duel in the Sodden Valley between two rival warlords for control of a unique artifact. Brian: We did something a little different for […]

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NEO of July: Chuck Moore

Welcome to a new column where we interview a Narrative Event Organizer. We want to give these individuals a moment in the spotlight and allow them to share some of their experience with the community. Today we feature Chuck Moore, an organizer near Pittsburgh, PA, interviewed by one of his players, Matt. NEON: When did […]

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A Coalescence Retrospective: Part III

One of the 45 locations reporting results for Coalescence 2017 was an event in Blacksburg, Virginia. The NEO for this event, Duncan, provided an overview as well as some unique documents from their event. Duncan: It took place in Gyran, in our traditional campaign setting, the Vale of Efengie (named for the store Fun’N’Games).  It […]

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A Coalescence Retrospective: Part I

After Coalescence, we documented victory reports from 45 different events around the globe. We also saw many great pictures of miniatures on some awesome tabletops, and we read some after action reports, posted on Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs. In the next few weeks, we would like to share some of those here on the […]

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