Interview with Alexander

Alexander Nygård was part of the original team that pulled together to write the Coalescence 2017 global narrative event pack and then got involved with the team that developed the Coalescence: Desolation of Eristrat. He agreed to answer some questions about his approach to writing rules and battleplans for AoS. Alexander, why do you like writing gameplay […]

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Charging entry fees for your event

We intended the Coalescence event to be free, and it is not a traditional tournament with prize support awarded to players for their individual achievements. We hope to help you create a day of fun events that build community and draw new players into the hobby. But we understand that some organizers may need to […]

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How to register players

Why should you consider a formal way to register players for your event? For an event like Coalescence, or any independent event with online promotion, it’s possible some players beyond your gaming group may decide to drive an hour or more to attend. And without any kind of formal registration you may have many more […]

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