We want YOU to play narrative games in Age of Sigmar!
Where to find them, how to play them, how to run them!
We publicize recent and upcoming Age of Sigmar narrative events, as well as rules design and other narrative content producers.

This episode is all about organizing your first big narrative event: booking a large venue, getting a lot of tables prepared and managing special rules and questionable player choices. NEO Nuno Martins interviews Charles and Phil, both narrative players and NEOs in the UK scene, who have run WitneyWarhammerOne last summer in England.

– Charles Nolan (@CharlesKhorne)
– Phil Dodd (@Phil_Kazic)
– WitneyWarhammer events (@WarhammerWitney)

We also cover recent and upcoming narrative events:
– Narrative Labs (https://narrative-labs.com)
– The Great Weave (https://www.thegreatweave.com/)
– Holy Wars VII (https://www.holywarsgt.com/)
– Dice Sagas (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3F-…)
– Shorehammer 2021 (https://shorehammer.com/)
– Oasis Aflame at the LVO 2022 ( https://frontlinegaming.myshopify.com…)

Host: Nuno Martins (@WH_narratives)

See you in the next episode!

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