NEO of Note: Brian Orban

We asked for submissions, and we received several from players in Falls Church, VA… about the same NEO. We’d like to announce Brian Orban as our NEO of Note for April! Steve shared this memory when Brian got involved with the small Warhammer club: “The first time Brian came to a club event, he was […]

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Who is your NEO of note?

After Coalescence last year the NEON team wanted to feature some of the Narrative Event Organizers we knew. So, we started a series of articles called NEO of Note interviewing some NEOs about their thoughts on narrative play and inviting them to share details about their local communities. But it’s time to open this series up to […]

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NEO of Note: Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner ran Coalescence for his local group in Madison, WI last summer and is preparing to run the narrative event at Adepticon coming up soon on March 22nd! It will feature 16 players all striving to accomplish their goals within the indoor monument that is the Gibbering Dome.  The event will be using all […]

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NEO of Note: Hobby Hammer

HobbyHammer is the name behind the Rise of Empires narrative event, back for a second year, February 16-18, as a 2-day Narrative Map Campaign weekend, where 40 players turn up with their armies, battle over a custom map of a city called Colarcanium. Each table represents a different part of the city, whether that is the […]

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November NEO of Note: Duncan Hall

Duncan Hall ran Coalescence 2017 with his local group in Virginia, and he created some new content to tie in the global narrative with his local campaign. He also said it was the first time his group had played using matched play points from the first General’s Handbook. You can read a report from the […]

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