“South across the Tendril sea a land rises from the waves. A land where ancient secrets are buried and history have become legend. Creatures oblivious to the powers beneath their feet climb the ancient tower they call the World Axis in search of petty treasures. But soon what is forgotten will again be remembered.”

A new narrative play platform, and long-form worldwide campaign, has fully launched a few months ago, and you can join it now!
It is called Milarki, and throught it you can track yours and your friend’s games and victories. Tallying game results from all across the world, where every casual game counts, to decide the fate of the land of Meridia in Ghyran, edgeward of the Tendril Sea and the Everspring Swathe.

Players can log in their games of both Age of Sigmar and Warcry, and depending on what army they are playing with, they will support one of the warlords that are vying for power in Meridia. There are four of them to represent each Grand alliance but as time goes more warlords and leaders will join the story. They can also create pages for their own armies, to list their backstory and track each of their own armies independently.

The NEOs (Narrative Event Organizers) constantly release new short stories depicting the happenings across Meridia and following the plans of each of the warlords, and at the same time presenting battleplans tied to those stories. That way, players can participate in the events that are being described in the campaign on their own tabletop.
At certain points, the NEOs will tally up the scores and advance the story accordingly, depending on which Grand Alliances have the advantage, and which armies within them are more prominently carrying the victory.

From time to time, the NEOs will run live play gaming events, where the narrative of Meridia will hit the table and players will be able to play directly opposite other players to advance the story forward. Their first narrative event, “In the Shadow if the World Axis”, will take place in Karlstad, Sweden, on the 19th of November 2022 (we will cover this in a future article).

We chatted with the lead NEOs for the campaign, Anders Larsson (@Bobben418) and Kim Sellstedt, about what players can expect from it. 

Q: Please summarize the campaign and platform for us, and what players can expect.
The campaign is an ongoing narrative that we write, but the statistics from the games people register on the site will steer the story in different directions. Every faction has their goals but they will reach them faster if their grand alliance has more wins at a given time.
Also, a few times a year, there will be a big event that will be held both locally (here in Sweden) and virtually to determine key moments in the narrative, for everyone out there to join in with their own event or just games played.

Q: We know you periodically release battleplans to tie the games players engaged on the table to the story itself. What other narrative innovations and special rules will you be deploying along the campaign?
 We try to create a battle plan every time a story fragment contains some sort of conflict and feels suited to be played on a tabletop. But the larger events held a few times a year will be the major moments where the players can have an input and affect the story in a big way.

For now the major way to affect the story is through games registered on the site. But as we continue forward we have other ways we want to experiment with. One is to ”in-game” ask the players to choose between several alternatives where they want to take their alliance going forward. We want to make it feel like the warlord is asking you, as a trusted lieutenant. We have several ideas that we will explore as the site develops further. We are also dreaming of more gamification and achievements and even personal quests that you can go on to help you immerse you in the story.

Here is a link to the Rules Pack we will be running for our first live play event, ‘In the Shadow of the World Axis’:
In the event pack there are custom battleplans and more narrative rules that you can use.

Q: How will the contributions of players score towards their Grand Alliance? Will players be able to provide input with any of their battle reports, or be faced with decisions?
Right now we track the game data to decide how the story will progress. But as we mentioned in the question above we have ideas how to further involve the players with choices and personal narratives.
We hope that the players will have patience with us and come along this journey as we develop the site and the narrative tools. As we grow we want input from the players on how they want to see the site develop.

Q: Will players be able to interact with members of the same team, either within their gaming club, or across the world through the platform?
As of now we haven’t talked about the social aspect of the campaign. After our first event in November, there will be a new meeting to see what the next cycle of development will look like. Social interaction on any site is a very big development project so we have briefly talked about different solutions around this.
What we have now is a great way for people to play in leagues with their friends or down at their local club. We want to see a community grow from this maybe through a club/friends page where you can chat etc but this is not something that is in development at the moment.

Q: What would you like to say to players out there, to motivate them to join Milarki, and tie their games into the campaign?
A: We try to develop a platform where you can track the games you and your friends play while also being able to affect a handwritten narrative with them. The site is in its infancy right now but as we continue to develop the page we are looking for more ways to involve the players in the narrative directly. We want Milarki to be a natural place for your AoS games just like your battletome, we are dreamers after all.
So come join us and help us make Milarki.com a great place both for your casual gaming and your narrative needs. We are slowly growing and we realize that what we want to create will take time come with us on this journey over the years to come. Help us shape the experience to something you look forward to visit again and again.


Thank you, Kim and Anders!

We will be following the campaign online, so please keep us updated with how the story is developing!
For more questions, they have an FAQ page!

You can find the Milarki website here for more details and to sign up!

Keep an eye out for the first live narrative event set in Meridia, “In the Shadow of the World Axis” !
What do you think about this campaign and platform?
Do you have any questions for the NEOs, and how they built such a sleek website and player login and database?
Leave your comments below!

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