Warhammer World will be hosting its first official Path to Glory event, on the 29th-30th of October 2022, in Nottingham UK!

Players will be fighting over a region of Thondia called the Drench.

This event will feature the full Path to Glory rules, such as casualties, veteran abilities and extra artefacts. Players will also be able to improve the warscroll of their Warlord as the event goes on, including taking an Anvil of Apotheosis Hero from the Thondia book!
Players will be using the rules from the Thondia book for their battles, so expect to see aggressive vegetation and those belligerent roaming monsters! And a fully-painted tile map for territories!

The Background
Armies will be fighting over the Drench, an unexplored wilderness in northern Thondia, full of potential riches and resources. Glimmerling prophecies mention that something hidden there could have far reaching consequences. The forces of Sigmar, the Dark Gods, the local Gutfort and even the rising undead all march to claim it.

Night drew in around the Ogor encampment ahead. The smells and noise made it clear their last raid had been successful. A thin being, roughly human in size approached the camp with a message to deliver. A mysterious power had been discovered by one of his nine masters, but it’s actual location and details of exactly what was creating this eldritch power were hidden even from the eyes of such a powerful sorcerer. This concerned the cloaked form. It was time to find some unwitting allies to assist him in this quest. As he moved towards the camp his form began to shimmer and shift, changing into a larger and broader form. He gave a gutteral, almost Ogor like belllow as he came into the camp light. This would not be the first pathetic life form he had to visit tonight.

Ulf Cywin looked around, surveying his battered but resolute forces. How were they supposed to reach the centre of this hellish landscape? He wished that Sigmar’s herald had given them a few more details, and it was rather odd that he had vanished so quickly. Ahead of them the ground writhed and bucked, as tendrils of roots and soil exploded from the earth. The scouting force he had sent out to survey what had seemed to be a relatively stable looking patch of desert were now lying strewn across the ground. Ulf found himself musing that it was odd how much area one person could cover when their insides were no longer constrained by the prison of skin and bone… Where were the animals?

Dr Warpenstein had been drawn to the Drench partly out of curiosity – the message he had seen I. His warp stone fuelled trance had shown him little more than a raw power source, but he knew that it could be the answer to creating some monstrous creations. The clan moulder scientists had long held the realm of beasts in high regard for the sheer number and variety of subjects available for testing and experimentation. However, the further on towards the centre of the Drench his mighty chaotic force had pushed, the number of beasts, avians in particular, appeared to be decreasing.

What had appeared to be storm clouds now appeared to be a chaotic mass of birds, insects, Bats, and flying insects. They formed a vast dome, covering the landscape and shielding the mountain they knew should be there from view. Swooping amongst them were the lithe forms of Drakes, like sharks catching fish, feasting on this plentiful bounty. As the dispassionate, eyeless holes of the Nighthaunt leader stared up at this strange phenomenon his mind wondered why the prey were not trying to escape? Instead more aerial partners seemed to be joining this dance of death. Clearly something was compelling them to attend this place…

Path to Glory: how does it play in this event?
Players will be asked to put together a Path to Glory Order of Battle, starting at 600 pts. They will start with only one starting territory, which is tied to the Grand Alliance their army belongs to: this means each Grand Alliance army will have different unit limits when the event starts.

Players will then write three expanded versions to their Order of Battle, to use each time their army increases in size: one at 1000 pts, 1500 pts and 2000 pts. Each Order of Battle must have all the units present in the previous ones, and this is where units can be reinforced.

After each Path to Glory game, players will earn Glory points, roll for casualties, explore new Territories, upgrade their Stronghold and collect the rewards of any quests they completed. Players will skip the add/reinforce units step, and instead increase their Order of Battle to the next bigger version they previously prepared. Each bigger version will also unlock a new TIer of Battle, which together with players upgrading their Stronghold, will allow them to field more enhancements in their army (such as artefacts, command traits, mount traits, etc). 

Event Special Rules
The event will use the rules for the Thondia Path to Glory Battlepack, including its Mysterious Terrain and the Roaming Monster.
A few other modifications are used for the event, such as each player needing to bring a monster to serve as a Roaming Monster (as per Thondia rules), and the Thondia Battlepack quests (the incarnate and Anvil of Apotheosis hero quests) won’t be used. Incarnates of Ghur will also not be allowed in players’ armies, but they can be used as Roaming Monsters!

To control territories, players need to acquire Spoils of War tokens: by winning battles, keeping their Warlord alive, completing quests or tasks revealed during the event, and interacting with the tables.
Each terrain piece on the table has a rules reference in the event pack, to ensure everyone is playing using the same rules (and remember which pieces are defensible!).

Progression of the General
Each time the points limit for the Order of Battle increases, players can also level up their Warlord. This can be by taking a new more expensive warscroll (for example having a Megaboss on Foot at 1000 points and upgrading him to a Megaboss on Mawkrusha for the 1500 and

2000 point games), or by using an Anvil of Apotheosis Hero from the Thondia Book (which can then be upgraded via additional Destiny Points).

Team dynamics and strategy
There will be a faction management phase, where players in the same Grand Alliance will discuss which quests they will try to complete, or which player will aim for which Battle Tactics or Grand Strategies that contribute to their coalition.

This promises to be an amazing event, and it has lots of narrative players already signed up!
It’s definitely a good template to use to apply Path to Glory to a gaming event, and it’s ready to use by NEOs worldwide!

We will be following the event online and retweeting its pictures, so keep an eye on social media!

You can find the Event Rules page here for more details and tickets.

There may still be tickets available, grab yours before it’s too late!!!
And if they happen to be all taken, sign up for the waitlist: there are always dropouts! (true story)

What do you think about this event?
Do you want to run your own Path to Glory event, and have you ran one and have ideas to share?
Leave your comments below!

3 thoughts on “Path to Glory at Warhammer World ‘Conquest of the Savage Lands’, 29-30 Oct 2022

    1. And – having followed the event via attendees’ social media posts – it was amazing!
      Everyone seemed to be having a fantastic time and there were loads of really well organised twists and turns. Peak narrative event stuff.


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