New events are coming up, narrative aficionados!

You might have seen some of these around social media already, but here is a chance to have a look at their event packs one by one.
And remember there are often tickets available at the last minute due to drop-outs, so reach out if you think you can make it there! The NEOs (Narrative Event Organizers) are very accommodating and will want to know who else is interested in attending, so they can make sure nobody that can make it will miss it.

You don’t want to miss them: each is an amazing hobby experience and the chance to play games and engage with some of the most passionate enthusiasts of the Mortal Realms and their armies’ stories.

Shadow of the World Axis – Nov 20th 2022 – Karlstad, Sweden –

Oasis Aflame II – Jan 26th-29th 2023 – Las Vegas Open, Las Vegas NV, USA –

Holy Wars VIII – Jan 27th-29th 2023 – Chicago IL, USA-

The Vitriol Sea II – Feb 4th-5th 2023 – Providence RI, USA –

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