Planning the next NEON event

A new NEON team is planning a global narrative AoS event to share with both experienced and neophyte NEOs everywhere. Whether you participated in one of the Coalescence events or only heard about them, we’d like to hear from you–especially if you’re thinking about running a narrative event with your local club next year. Please […]

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Weekend of Narrative

Awesome narrative events happening this weekend, and plenty of photos and even some videos shared on Twitter. Check out the hashtags on a post featuring links to Warhammer Achievements at Blood & Glory in the UK and Holy Havoc in the American Midwest on Twitter.  

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Playing Narrative Games, Part II

How to prepare for a narrative event By Bill Castello So how do you get ready for a narrative event? Simple answer, however you want, but it should include at least a good backstory for your army. Once you know what the embedded narrative elements are, you should look at your existing narrative army. You […]

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Playing Narrative Games, Part I

Contributing author Bill Castello What is this, anyway? This is the first part of a series of short articles that covers some of the areas of Narrative gaming and how you can best prepare to be a part of it.  Narrative gaming should be fun, but some people get anxious about whether or not they […]

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