Interview with Alexander

Alexander Nygård was part of the original team that pulled together to write the Coalescence 2017 global narrative event pack and then got involved with the team that developed the Coalescence: Desolation of Eristrat. He agreed to answer some questions about his approach to writing rules and battleplans for AoS. Alexander, why do you like writing gameplay […]

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Coalescence: Tale of Two NEOs

Jake Castro and Aaron Bostian are no strangers to running narrative play events for AoS. Both of them ran CGNE last summer, Jake with his local group in Orlando, FL and Aaron with his group in central VA. After this year’s event, they sat down to talk about their respective events, the similarities and differences, […]

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November NEO of Note: Duncan Hall

Duncan Hall ran Coalescence 2017 with his local group in Virginia, and he created some new content to tie in the global narrative with his local campaign. He also said it was the first time his group had played using matched play points from the first General’s Handbook. You can read a report from the […]

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NEO of Note: Aaron Bostian

We intereviewed another one of the NEOs involved with Coalescence. He’s also the guy behind the grand narrative events at NOVA Open which concluded last month. He talks about how he got into tabletop gaming and why he believes it’s an important part of the human experience. How did you become a NEO? It started […]

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NEO of July: Chuck Moore

Welcome to a new column where we interview a Narrative Event Organizer. We want to give these individuals a moment in the spotlight and allow them to share some of their experience with the community. Today we feature Chuck Moore, an organizer near Pittsburgh, PA, interviewed by one of his players, Matt. NEON: When did […]

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