Narrative Events Past & Future

New episode of The Mortal Realms podcast focused on past Age of Sigmar narrative events along with some coming up in the new year. Check out the show HERE and find links to some of the events mentioned below. Holy Havoc: downloads page; #HolyHavoc on Twitter; Preview on Warhammer Weekly RAW Aethermy: Player's pack; Aetherlab video; Chuck's experience; #RAW18 on Twitter All Hallows Siege: Paul's … Continue reading Narrative Events Past & Future


On the final day of the Realms at War 2017 narrative event, the games shifted focus to the Realmbeasts, giant creatures that dominated each multi-player game. Today we look at two of these models, the Matreearch and the Sandstorm Genie, each constructed from scratch by NEO Steve Foote. As a response to the rampaging leviathans … Continue reading REALMS AT WAR: CREATING THE REALMBEASTS

Grand Narrative at NOVA Open 2017

Warhammer Age of Sigmar events returned to NOVA Open tabletop wargaming convention for the 3rd year, and the narrative event expanded to cover six linked but separate events across four days from Thursday afternoon through Sunday. Developing the results of the narrative from 2016, we brought back the ziggurat where Queen Neferata ruled over a … Continue reading Grand Narrative at NOVA Open 2017

A Coalescence Retrospective: Part V

One of the 45 locations reporting results for Coalescence 2017 was an event in Milford, MA. Brian has provided an overview of their event along with an exciting narrative of final, epic duel in the Sodden Valley between two rival warlords for control of a unique artifact. Brian: We did something a little different for … Continue reading A Coalescence Retrospective: Part V