Premieres Saturday Dec4 5pm EST, 10pm BST, Dec5 9am AEST.
Join us in the live chat!

This episode is about attending your first narrative event, playing with other narrative gamers, and writing stories about your games and the Age of Sigmar.
NEOs Aaron Bostian and Nuno Martins interview Dan Summerbell (@HobbySummerbell), narrative player and amateur writer in the UK scene, on his experiences joining the narrative AoS scene in the UK, and writing about his army’s backstory and progression.

At WarhammerWitneyOne: Secrets of Dinorwig

NEOs Nuno Martins and Keegan West also cover the extensive Narrative Play events that happened during 2021, both live play and online campaigns, as well as upcoming events.

Nuno Martins (@WH_narratives)
Keegan West (@HorizonsLackey)
Aaron Bostian (@MadDrBoso)

Don’t forget to turn on the chat replay, to see all the live comments from narrative players during the show’s premiere.

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