Narrative Play in the Las Vegas Age of Sigmar group is going strong!
The local NEOs, Anthony Croupe and Naro Hewitt, couldn’t let Orruktober pass up without making a big stomp!

20 000 points worth of Destruction forces, against 20 000 points worth of everyone else, defending a Bastion of Order (and last-minute friends and allies).

“Your fatherr was a mustori, and your motherr smelt of aqshian fyrepepperrs!” 

The rules used were very simple, and used both ends of the long table for the attacker to besiege the Bastion in the center.
You can find their ruleset HERE to try it out yourself.

Gigantic mega-battles that take all day long are a great way to get people involved and having fun, trying their armies out, without organizing a whole set of matchups and separate games.

Hopefully we will get to see more and more of these!


Do you have experience with megabattles and/or sieges in Age of Sigmar? Get in touch with us, and show us your pictures!
If you have never played a megabattle and would be interested, what would excite you the most to include in the rules?
Leave your answers in the comments below.

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