The narrative scene keeps growing, and now there is a new podcast where you have everything that is Narrative Play discussions, on lore and running games, by a power couple of the Age of Sigmar narrative scene!

Matt and Renee Tucker are both avid narrative gamers from Maryland, USA, who have built up a big narrative gaming group and league play there, in collaboration with their local gaming store, teaching new players coming into the hobby.
They have been playing and creating gaming experiences for other players for years now.

Both of them are also long-time alumni of the NOVA Open Grand Narrative event. Year after year they joined the event and brought more people to it.

Renee conquered the title of Queen of the Dawnland, by putting the Mortarch Neferata on the throne after a bloody feud full of backstabbing and naval warfare.
Matt rallied his player team and put on his commanding voice, and was soon deputized by the lead NEO to wrangle all the players into place, so everyone could plan and strategize on time. Both of them have become familiar faces to all who joined the event for the past 5 years.

Matt has now taken over the lead NEO position in the NOVA Open Grand Narrative, after a few years as co-Games Master. His epic management of siege games have become a staple of the NOVA Grand Narrative, and his skill running games and events speaks for itself. 

We’ll all learn a lot by tuning in and listening to these two hash it out and brainstorm over their games, narratives and player experiences.


Matt & Renee:

Welcome to the dungeon!
We’re Matt and Renee, and we love to paint, play, and talk about Warhammer!  

We mostly play AoS, but we also play 40k as well as a lot of the board games that Games Workshop puts out (and a few others).  We’re a family-friendly podcast which can be best described as PG-13.  It is the grim dark, after all. 
We’d like to thank you, truly, for taking the time to join us on our journey through the Mortal Realms (or 40k Grimdark, as it is).  

Our outlook is positive, our games are plentiful and our hobby table is full, so join us in our dungeon as we get Seriously Narrative.
– There’s battle reports of sorts in there!
– A few narrative readings from our army’s perspective!
– Path to Glory!
– Army narrative background!
– Painting!
– Interviews and brainstorming with our local players.
… and more!

Our episodes come out every other Tuesday! 
The next episode will be all about Stormcast, where they began, what they’ve been doing throughout 3 editions of AoS, and where they are now.  

If you’d like to contact us, you can e-mail us at  


You can find the SERIOUSLY NARRATIVE podcast here, or wherever magical app/website you can find your podcasts!

What do you think about this new podcast?
Leave your comments below!

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