Nehnaxiir – Part III

This is the third part of the series exploring the origin of Nehnaxiir, the godbeast which was the featured antagonist in the grand narrative event at NOVA Open 2018; the previous parts are .   Entry 9: Lives unlived, Time Unpassed This latest world was truly a curiosity. It was a realm of mauve skies and […]

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Nehnaxiir – Part II

This is the second part of the series exploring the origin of Nehnaxiir; the first part is HERE.   5: Now, Never, Always Bleary-eyed and sore-backed, Nehnaxiir started awake. He had passed out while reading a particularly dry tome on the nature of rank-and-file military formations. It was distasteful to him…but knowledge was knowledge. And […]

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The Godbeast Nehnaxiir To look on the bizarre form of the Godbeast is to see madness, brilliance and depthless ambition made flesh. He embodies the endless hunt for knowledge, and every method used in its acquisition. His thirst is titanic, but only facts and information slake it. And he has arrived over the Dawnland due […]

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Canals of Dawnland

The oldest and most unfathomable mystery of Dawnland is the origin of the grand canal network which crosses through all parts of the region. Most of the canals have been unused for centuries and are, in many places, overgrown or dried up or buried beneath rubble, but some of the main channels still provide, with […]

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NEO Aaron has been playing and organizing events for Age of Sigmar and reflects on the release of AoS three years ago on the 4th of July, 2015. Aaron: I started with Warhammer at the end of 2013 when a new friendly local gaming store opened in my town. The store was only a mile […]