Realms at War: realmbeasts

Early Sunday morning the true leviathans were unleashed, massive realmbeasts for epic games of Triumph & Treachery at RAW17. In Chamon, the rivers of metal coalesce around ore rich strata as the Shardshell swims to the surface: And in Ghyran, vines wrap around ancient woodland as the Matreearch prepares to defend her realm: In other […]

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Realms at War!

The Realms at War Leviathans event is about to start! And there are so many pictures shared of completed armies getting packed away to relocate to Cambridge for a weekend of narrative gaming. Above is a collection of special cards created for a special game of combat between leviathans in the monstrous arena. And below […]

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Realms at War: a retrospective

Realms at War 2017 is fast approaching as anyone working on a unique leviathan or hunter model for this special narrative Age of Sigmar event could tell you. This will be a return of the popular Realms at War event launched last year by EATMingsFoote, a group composed of four “hobby-oriented nutjobs” with a goal […]

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