Realms at War 2017 is fast approaching as anyone working on a unique leviathan or hunter model for this special narrative Age of Sigmar event could tell you. This will be a return of the popular Realms at War event launched last year by EATMingsFoote, a group composed of four “hobby-oriented nutjobs” with a goal to host the best narrative event in the U.K. which happened last year across a November weekend in Cambridge.



The “Legends” event featured many new and dynamic elements. The first of which was the special warscrolls for each player’s Aspirant. Players had a choice between 4 different warscrolls, the Commander, Ranger, Warlock, or Warrior. During the course of 6 different scenarios of varying size (skirmish, battles, and doubles) each Aspirant began to rise from a champion to become a Legend of the Realms.

But it wasn’t just the cool new rules for legendary aspirants in a progressive narrative campaign. The production of the player’s pack and other resources created for the event were incredible. Check out this teaser video below, released to promote the event.

Another feature of the event were the connected gaming tables, each set of connected tables representing a landscape within a given realm… and the borders of these tables were not defined, allowing models to move from one game table to another. Not only were the tables covered in unique terrain created for this event but there were special rules for models interacting at each table.



One of the NEOs responsible for RAW17 is Jimbo9jimbo, and you can read more about his reflections on last year’s event in the interview he did with us for NEO of Note: September.

If you aren’t already following Jimbo9jimbo… well, it’s never too late! Jimbo – @jimbo9jimbo Check out #RAW16 on Twitter for lots of great pictures from the event or the thread on TGA. And you should be following all of these guys!

Steve – @tinracersteve
Mitzy – @EATBATSMitzy
Ming – @Thornshield


But that was last year. The Realms at War 2017: Leviathans event is only days away! But we’re going to save all of that for the second weekly narrative post coming up next Wednesday, October 25th, just before the event gets rolling.  But check out what players are building and painting for the event on Twitter.

In the meantime, however, one of the battleplans for RAW17 has been leaked!

DMP3a8NWsAAiFAr.jpg large


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