Animosity II: the Burning Winter

The original socially distanced Warhammer campaign returns! Reworked from the ground up to be an even stronger (and safer) global narrative event, this summer you’ll be able to decide the fate of an entire underworld from the comfort of your hobby desk. Global Collaborative Storytelling Animosity Campaigns are global collaborative storytelling events, with contributions from … Continue reading Animosity II: the Burning Winter


New logo from @tinracersteve to promote our celebration of the 5th anniversary of Age of Sigmar throughout the first week of July. Thanks, Steve! And you can catch some more of the creative mind of Steve while he talks about the 4 years of Realms of War narrative events with Jimbo, Mitzy, and Ming—in episode … Continue reading #5yearsAoS

Casual NEON Episode 6: learning from RAW

New episode of the Casual NEON podcast will premiere today (June16th) at 6pm Boston US, 11pm London UK, and tomorrow (June17th) 8am Melbourne AUS.Join us on the live chat for commentary and banter! We'll be reviewing the innovations of 'Realms at War', the blockbuster narrative AoS event in Cambridge UK. How it began, and … Continue reading Casual NEON Episode 6: learning from RAW

My AoS Moment

The 5th anniversary of AoS is coming up next month and the Casual NEON Show is planning a special episode featuring personal stories from You. Send us your story for us to read or even record yourself and send us an audio file. Send submissions to Contact us!