The original socially distanced Warhammer campaign returns!

Reworked from the ground up to be an even stronger (and safer) global narrative event, this summer you’ll be able to decide the fate of an entire underworld from the comfort of your hobby desk.

Global Collaborative Storytelling

Animosity Campaigns are global collaborative storytelling events, with contributions from players around the world steering the direction of the story and their personal narratives making their way into the grand story arc.
This year, players will be able to participate in Animosity II: The Burning Winter through whatever way they enjoy their hobby the most: single-player (or safe) games of Age of Sigmar and Warcry, Soulbound roleplay sessions, painted and/or converted models, action shot photography of a battle set-up, short stories, drawn artwork and even cosplay!

How it all works

In Animosity II, a number of charismatic non-player characters we call Figureheads are leading their Coalitions of armies and warbands across the icy underworld of Lake Bykaal for conquest, power and glory. It also involves a stolen Enlightenment Engine of Teclis, the spirit of an Ur-Whale godbeast, and frustrated spirits of dead fishermen! What more could you want?

Each turn, players will be presented with a choice of Narrative Paths on how to best help their Coalition. They then submit “Reports” in support of their Coalition’s efforts through our website, choosing one of these Narrative Paths with each report, as well as sharing their contribution for that turn and how it fits into the story. 

Team Animosity then aggregates all of these together into one grand Unfolding Narrative, using the players’ interpretation of the setting and their acts of daring-do to flesh out the events that occur.  Their hobby and writing contributions will also be featured in our Community page.

Players can also engage in strategizing and sharing short stories in the dedicated Discord server, where many are already developing their own personal narratives 

Animosity II also has a trailer, narrated by the sexiest voice in Age of Sigmar, Elric Edge from Rolling Bad podcast.

Compete narratively against other players online

Animosity Campaigns has been around since the days of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. For almost a decade, it brought cooperative storytelling and intense strategy on a grand scale to Warhammer players around the world. Now, Team Animosity has worked to reinvent this incredible experience for Age of Sigmar and a new generation of players, with even more ways to participate.

Most notably, Animosity II is not a map campaign. Although there will be a map, it is for narrative purposes and as a playing ground for player’s stories and battles. Players win- or lose- the campaign by how successfully their Coalition navigates the Unfolding Narrative. The more Reports you put into a Narrative Path in a turn, the more likely it will be successful. There will always be an enemy Coalition opposing them, meaning players will be going head-to-head with other players from the top of Turn 1. There is no clean, numerical scoring: players will need to read the narrative and make their best guess. 

Beyond the campaign narrative, there are a large number of player achievements we will recognize at the end of the campaign too, such as best hobby, best written story, biggest MVP for their faction, as well as awards for creative problem-solving and most ambitious over-the-top narrative!

Find out how to jump in and participate now!

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