After a few months of our team of NEON interns hiding away from Nurgle’s Rot, we have now resumed communications with the rest of the Realms.
Expect some updates to the website, and meeting new narrative players…

While awaiting the world returning to normal, so we can all go out and play games…  

Those of you you haven’t, come and join the rest of the Narrative Play ‘Age of Sigmar’ community in the many online platforms that popped into existence during 2020!  

We’re all sharing army background lore, original writing, hobby and ideas for future narrative gaming events!
Discord servers full of narrative players, pages of unique character stories, narrative battle reports and live narrative games on Twitch!
Join us in conversation online, as we prepare for the world opening up again, and organizing all kinds of new narrative events.
The narrative community has well and truly connected together!

Animosity Campaigns: worldwide narrative campaign where all your hobby engagement counts!
‘Animosity II: The Burning Winter’, which ran last summer for 5 weeks, was a roaring success and we met more than a hundred new narrative players from all over the world!
The team spearheaded by NEO Alex Polimeni did an amazing job in creating a lived-in location in the Mortal realms, and the rest of the players brought it to life with all the stories they created on the tabletop, or through their hobby, writing and artwork.
We covered Animosity II and interviewed the team in Episode 08 of the Filthy Casual NEON Podcast.

Join Da Warpath on the discord server.


Narrative Labs: live narrative games on Twitch, and the chat chooses what happens!
We have had lots of fun interacting with the games: changing what endless spells appear, which unit the random monster decide to pick on, or which section of the battlefield suddenly explodes!
Join the Discord server to help build future battleplans and special rules!


The Great Weave: narrative repository to collaborate your narrative gaming with players from across the world.
NEO Keegan West has built an amazing platform for players to build their stories in parallel or together, with the effects of their stories in their games affecting everyone’s experience of the Mortal Realms with updates through the Gazette.
Several other Narrative Events’ storylines are currently connected to the Great Weave, including Animosity Campaigns’ and Dice Sagas‘ Interstice.
Join the Discord server!


Dice Sagas: narrative battle reports with special effects!
NEOs Christian & Matt have put together a number of stories with fully fleshed-out armies and characters, exploring a pocket realm in the void called the Interstice. Narrative enthusiasts from all over the world can also populate the interstice and interact with the Dice Sagas’ stories, through the Great Weave.

The Lost Archipelago: a world-building map campaign, where players decide the flora, fauna and civilizations that exist in this apparently deserted pocket realm.
NEO Justin Dement has crafted a game engine that includes full resource management and building of Settlements, but also collaborative writing and roleplay with GM secrets hidden all across the map!
Currently in hiatus after the first playtest, but gearing up for action soon.


Shadowmarsh: a narrative Twitter submission campaign parallel to the Broken Realms storyline.
NEO Ricki Smith (of Cogfort fame!) has summoned players from all over Twitter to decide the fate of Beaconhill, a satellite city to Anvilgard: to be consumed by the marauding forces of the Spider King or the Lady of the Harvest; to stand strong under the leadership of Jakob Bugmansson, or be manipulated by the agents of the Shadowhost.
Currently finished with first chapter (BR: Morathi), with Beaconhill being practically razed but evacuated, and an infant spider realmbeast egg being recovered by the Lady.



The narrative community is strong and growing! Come and join us, and connect to your nearest NEO so you can start organizing events!

Hope to see you around!

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