New episode of the Casual NEON podcast will premiere today (June16th) at 6pm Boston US, 11pm London UK, and tomorrow (June17th) 8am Melbourne AUS.
Join us on the live chat for commentary and banter!

We’ll be reviewing the innovations of ‘Realms at War’, the blockbuster narrative AoS event in Cambridge UK.

How it began, and the ideas of the RAW team in how they brought each of the RAW events, year by year, to life.

  • Innovations in setting up gaming tables and scenery rules
  • Custom Warscrolls
  • Custom Monsters
  • Gargantuan realmbeasts on the tabletop
  • A new type of magic mini-game: Aethermy
  • A pit-fighting dueling ruleset
  • Managing player teams in an event
  • Cosplay
  • Community engagement on social media

RAW Team (@Realms_at_War):

  • James “Jimbo” Warth (@jimbo9jimbo,
  • Ming Lee (@Thornshield)
  • Mark “Mitzy” Mitzman (@EATBATSmitzy,
  • Steve Foote (@tinracerSteve,

Episode 6 is on YouTube here:

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