Call for 2018 story ideas

The Coalescence team is coming together and beginning to plan another global narrative event to share with everyone in 2018. But before we start working on a new story for next year, we want to get feedback and input from those involved with Coalescence 2017. First, do you have any ideas for how the story […]

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Join the Coalescence 2018 Team

The Coalescence Global Narrative Event 2017 was a grassroots effort by an independent group of narrative organizers trying to attract more attention to narrative play as another way to enjoy Warhammer Age of Sigmar. As much as we all enjoy and respect the work Tournament Organizers do at all levels of matched play, we wanted […]

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Collecting Narratives

  We are plotting our course through next year, and one thing we would like to add to our mission is utilizing the NEON blog and website to collect and promote a wide variety of narrative events and developments within the hobby. To this end, we are adding a new weekly feature, our narrative of […]

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A Coalescence Retrospective: Part V

One of the 45 locations reporting results for Coalescence 2017 was an event in Milford, MA. Brian has provided an overview of their event along with an exciting narrative of final, epic duel in the Sodden Valley between two rival warlords for control of a unique artifact. Brian: We did something a little different for […]

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A Coalescence Retrospective: Part III

One of the 45 locations reporting results for Coalescence 2017 was an event in Blacksburg, Virginia. The NEO for this event, Duncan, provided an overview as well as some unique documents from their event. Duncan: It took place in Gyran, in our traditional campaign setting, the Vale of Efengie (named for the store Fun’N’Games).  It […]

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