The next installment of Holy Wars is here, and the deadliest tables in Age of Sigmar will be once again terrorize the Mortal Realms!

Holy Wars VII: Reforged kicks off this weekend, in Naperville IL, USA (near Chicago), and follows in the tradition of all ‘Holy’ events by Stephen Herner (@HolyHammerHern), with beautiful themed tables each with their own special rules.

This Narrative Event showcases Stephen’s masterfully crafted tables and custom battleplans, and invites players to bring a custom General model, the Warlord of Havoc, which uses a special warscroll for the event, and grows in power with the more battles fought.

These tables themselves deal ‘holy wounds’ which cannot be saved in any way, and each contains elements the players can interact with to gain an advantage against their opponent.

Due to the popularity of the ‘Holy’ events, and so many people wanting to attend it, this year’s Holy Wars is also running in a doubles team format, allowing for a total of 72 players!
Narrative Play has never been more popular!

Another of the ‘Holy Events’ signature rules, the Holy Wars re-roll dice, can be bought by players to grant them a re-roll each game. As always, the proceeds of the event go to the Hesed House homeless shelter

If you want to have an idea of the experience of Stephen’s ‘Holy’ Events, have a listen to what some of these fine narrative players who attended have to say:

‘2+ Tough’ Dough breaks down his Holy Havoc experience

The Path to Story podcast

GrimDarkFilthyCasuals blog

Get ready to follow all the photos and updates that are sure to pop up on Twitter this weekend, from @HolyWarsGT and @HolyHammerHern and many of the attendees, it’s sure to be a spectacle of hobby and narrative fun.

If you want to join in on this grand celebration of Age of Sigmar hobby and narrative, be on the lookout for tickets for the next Holy Havoc later this year:
Holy Havoc VI, The Warlords Revenge
Age of Sigmar Narrative Event – October 21-23, 2022

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