Excitement is high with all the tumultuous events of the Broken Realms series, and a new edition of Age of Sigmar incoming.
But while many denizens of the Realms are struggling with all these changes, the Mortarchs and Soulblight Gravelords could not be happier. The boss of Shyish is out, and the barons are coming out to play.

Why not take over that holdout underworld of Hallost, the Land of Dead Heroes?
Grab White Dwarf 452, 453, 454 and 455, released a year ago!
This should have been released in a General’s Handbook!

Yes, Hallost is the Valhalla of Shyish. Dead heroic souls come back to life after each day, so they can fight for eternity.

Hallost has got some big Realmgates, it’s got Stormvaults, it’s got ancient heroic ghosts judging your worth, and of course a chaos rift (why not)?
It’s got something for everyone.

The articles in the four magazines also detail the history and background of Hallost, so you can use it to set up your own AoS, Warcry and Soulbound campaigns in that place.

The full AoS Map Campaign ruleset includes 4 map regions:
The Nordyrie (a place cursed by Nagash and connected to the Great Oubliette);
The Booming Scar (a large canyon that hides a realmgate to Ghur and a Stormvault trapping a mountain-like godbeast);
Vaddenheim (the temple and seat of power of the spectral heroes that used to rule Hallost);
The Dreadscape (a place tainted by Chaos and containing a number of daemonic outposts).
Each of these regions are a separate mini-campaign (~5-6 campaign rounds each).

The separate locations that can be conquered in each map have different types of resources and are affected differently by weather and other effects, to keep players adaptable.
The rules are simple and the logistics straightforward.
Perfect to deploy to any gaming group from casual competitive to roleplay-rich narrative.

Each location has a Resource Value and a Power Value: the first represents its overall strategic value for winning the campaign, the second represents the benefits you can immediately use in your battle by plundering and controlling that location. This means the locations your control allow you to enact “Power Plays”: special advantages you can apply during battle, grab territory faster or fortify locations.

There are also a number of cool battleplans (which you may use or not) that add that special flair of heroic duels, or proving your worth to win the the approval of long-dead Heroes.

You can set up an amazing table for this, with marble columns and a path leading from each trial to the other.

There are many ways to play this campaign, because its is just a framework to connect your games and add a level of long-term objectives and resources, in the form of Campaign Victory Points and Power Points.
Together with the Firestorm boxed campaign, and the Whisper Engine campaign in the General’s Handbook 2020, it’s a great way to get your local group playing regularly.

For more details on how the Hallost campaign plays and setting it up, head over to Plastic Craic’s awesome article on how they are organizing theirs.
They are a great example on how you can play narrative map campaigns while also keeping a competitive mindset during the individual AoS games that make it up.
And of course they will eventually be competing over who has what locations, too ;).

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