NEO Martin Neal-Price, host of Narrative Labs, wrote a great article about letting your narrative evolve from the games you play. It’s an easy way to get started with a backstory, it’s creative, unexpected, and often filled with moments of drama and/or comedy.

“A deliberate narrative army is one where the story, or at least the context, is all pre-defined from the start. […].
While I do enjoy bringing armies like these out once in a while, creating an army around a deliberate and often pre-defined narrative is missing a key ingredient that makes my other narrative armies a real pleasure to bring out – and that’s an ever-evolving storyline. […]

Let me tell you a story about a necromancer named Vrem (not the best name I know – I didn’t have an awesome Realm of Plastic name generator to hand at the time) and the Wight King Kriel.
Vrem and Kriel started their narrative life as part of an Age of Sigmar Skirmish campaign (in the days before Warcry). All I knew at the time were their names […]. I had no intention that they would have a life beyond that skirmish campaign. Yet from that small beginning a legend was created.

Read the rest of the article at Realm of Plastic! (from Jamie the Jasper, of name-generator fame!)

NarrativeLabs also discussed the topic live on their Narrative Focus show, streaming on Twitch on Thursdays.

Narrative Playbook is a regular column written by Martin from Narrative Labs, taking a look at the many and varied aspects of narrative play in the many worlds of Warhammer.
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