NEOs Keegan, Christian and Matt want YOU to submit your narrative and connect it to other players’ stories in a shared worldwide Living Campaign world of the Mortal Realms!


The Dice Sagas duo are joined by Keegan West from The Great Weave, and explain how to use The Great Weave to host player lore and interact with other narrative players from across the world.

“We discuss writing our own Age of Sigmar lore and that of the community and how to place it within the Interstice and The Great Weave.

Here you’ll now be able to submit your own lore and have it placed within our Pocket Realm – The Interstice. You’ll be able to have your AoS battles and Soulbound adventures within the Pocket Realm. Tell your story and we’ll look to create a Youtube video based on your lore (via competitions or Patreon – link below for more information)”

Stories from Age of Sigmar or Warcry games, as well as Soulbound sessions, are welcome to live and connect alongside each other in The Great Weave, whether they happen in the Interstice or out there in the Realms. Every time new events that impact the Mortal Realms occur, from players or from the main Age of Sigmar storyline, those events are posted in the Weave Gazette for everyone to incorporate in their games.
The Weave also allows players to send items and in-universe information to others on the platform, via the Magical Mailing System!

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The Interstice in The Great Weave…

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