A two-day narrative event in Reston, Virginia, from May 31st until June 2nd 2019


Registration opens at 12:00 pm EST on January 22nd, 2019

The cost for Beyond Realms Edge is $70.00. A partnership of two players may register for a discounted rate of $120.

There are 32 spots (16 teams) for Beyond Realms Edge.

Please email beyondrealmsedge@gmail.com if you would like to sign up.

Refunds – If an individual cancels a reservation before April 15th payment will be refunded in full. After April 15th payments will be refunded minus a $30 tournament fee to each player. Cancellations after May 15th will not be refunded.

Individuals and partnerships will be signed up based on email time stamps on a first come first served basis and payment will secure your spot. Once we reach 32 players, all remaining players and partnerships will go onto the Wait List in order of email time stamps.

We invite all players to join us on our Beyond Realms Edge Discord server at this link: (disabled March 2nd)

On Discord, we will be chatting about the narrative, sharing army ideas, and passing clues about the mysteries of the Beyond!


Sheraton Hotel, Reston, Virginia • May 31st – June 2nd 2019

11810 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 20191

Rooms are available with the discounted rate of $99. To register at the hotel under the group rate, please use the following link: (Disabled March 2nd)

The hotel includes an outdoor pool, a health club, and proximity to entertainment at Reston Town Center. Shuttles are available to and from Dulles Airport and Reston Town Center.

Narrative Event Rules

Mustering your Force

Using the General’s Handbook 2018 & Forgeworld’s Matched Play Points players Forces will be 1,000 points. In addition players should bring a 500 sidebar. Using their sidebar players will be allowed to change their Force composition from game to game.

Forces are not required to conform to the Matched Play definition of the Vanguard force in Matched Play. Battleline requirements and limits on heroes, war machines, behemoths, and others are not used in Beyond Realms Edge list compositions.

All summoned models must be displayed for Players Choice and Paint Judging. Summoned terrain doesn’t need to be presented for paint judging, but must meet paint requirements to be used during game play.

Beyond Realms Edge will consist of 4 games of Age of Sigmar and one game of Age of Sigmar Skirmish using the Renown and Ruin fan supplement for cooperative skirmish play.

Each Age of Sigmar game will be played as Doubles games, with two 1000-point Forces on each side.

  • All Realms of Battle rules will be used (Realm of Beasts tables will have monsters provided)
  • Malign Sorcery Endless Spells bases are allowed to have a unique basing schemes.
  • Artefacts of Realms may be used.
  • All measuring is done Base to Base.
  • Round bases are required.
  • Weapon options must be indicated each for unit as well as any other optional upgrade.
  • Standard Bearers must list what banner they are carrying if they have the option to take a special standard.
  • All models must be fully painted. Models primed with only 3 items painted are not considered fully painted are not allowed for this event.
  • All models must be displayed for Players Choice and Paint Judging.
    1. This includes Summoned models from any spell or army special rules.
    1. Summoned models which are not painted can’t be used during the game.
    1. Proxied terrain such as Wyldwoods and Balewind Vortex must be the same footprint size as the model. Terrain must be painted. Any Wyldwoods made of paper and felt are not allowed. Any custom made Wyldwoods must meet all measurements and have circle spaces to represent the tree space identical to the Citadel model. Summoned terrain doesn’t need to be displayed for paint judging.
    1. All Summoned models and Endless Spells must be displayed for Players Choice and Paint Judging. Malign Sorcery Endless Spells bases are allowed to have a unique basing schemes. Faction specific Endless Spells must match the basing of army.
  • Players may not borrow models from other players.
  • There is no list deadline for our event players are on the honor system for lists.

Tables and Match Ups 
Match ups and tables will be determined by player choice.



Event Time
Registration 6:00pm – 9:30pm
Open gaming in game hall 5:00pm – 1:00am


Event Time
Venue opens, Meet & Greet 9:00 am
Introductions 9:30 am
Game 1: (doubles, 1K each player/2K points per side) all teams previously matched in the Discord chats the previous week 10:00 am
Exploration phase/lunch 1:00 pm
Game 2: (doubles, 1K each player/2K points per side) 2:00 pm
Results filed. Break/snacks. 5:00 pm
Quest Phase: (4 players per table, 1 from each team, with 1 hero model each) Renown and Ruin Cooperative Skirmish against a Realmsmaster 5:30 pm
Supper Phase: Everyone breaks for food, drinks, socializing, etc. 8:00 pm


Event Time
Venue opens; terrain on tables rearranged. 9:00 am
Game 3: (doubles, 1K each player/2K points per side) 9:30 am
Final exploration phase/lunch. 12:30 pm
Game 4: (doubles, 1K each player/2K points per side) 1:30 pm
Final results and clean up 4:30 pm
Awards & prizes 5:00 pm
End Event 5:30 pm