WarCry Fawkes Hunt 4

First: read the short story about the Wizard Fawkes.

Second: fill out the narrative form with your email to use during the campaign along with details about your warband, including leader name, background, and why they’ve come to the Eightpoints to hunt the Wizard Fawkes. You don’t have to fill out everything now; you can return later to edit. NARRATIVE FORM

Third: after filling out the narrative form you’ll receive the campaign quest by email. Winning your convergence games aren’t necessary to advance to the next space on your quest, and two players can play a convergence game at the same time. Playing and winning games provide Glory Points to spend as indicated in the book. Reporting and losing games earn you Narrative Points which may be spent to earn additional Glory Points or change the story. BATTLE REPORT

Then start painting a monster! Your warband will hunt, capture, and train a monster during their quest.

Finally: attend the conclusion of the Fawkes Hunt at Victory Comics in Falls Church on the 5th of November, 6-10 pm. Even if you don’t have a monster or haven’t played any games, check to see if we have space for you to participate in the greatest wizard hunt yet!