WC oakshand

In the quest for a Proper Scrap, Drakka and his Boyz ranged across the Bloodwind Spoil smashing and bashing as their Orruk hearts demanded. At first they found an abundance of fights but soon went days without a decent dust up. Drakka, being Blessed by Mork and therefore full of cunning decided on a wonderful plan that consisted of a few complex steps.

1. Loot, Pillage, Destroy and otherwise Break various things belonging to anyone and everyone

2. Kill a whole bunch of things

3. Draw out a big group of enemies

4. Krump the Enemies

This plan worked surprisingly well except for one small detail. Everywhere the Iron Hunters went they were hounded by Grots. Every fight ended up being large, brutish Orruks against wave after wave of tiny, sneaky goblin. While not one to look askew at good fortune Drakka was still perplexed. Every time they sent the little goblins running off into the hills they would inevitably come back, screeching about bottles and shinys. What astounded him most was when they finally tracked down the Biggest and Baddest Chaos Champion in the wastes and were subsequently dumped into a fighting pit. The opposing doors creaked open and to his surprise the same group of goblins came rushing out of the dark corridors. After finally crushing the little monsters once and for all, Drakka and his Favoured Warrior Rezgut proceeded to smash their way back into the camp of Trakor Steelfang. Rezgut took it upon himself to crush the puny human’s head and Drakka rewarded him with the Axe of Steelfang himself (Drakka preferred a good Smasha and a Klaw to hold his enemies still while he bashed em).

Throughout the journey to find a Proper Scrap Rezgut time and time again proved his worth as an Orruk of brutal cunning. While any sane race would see running head first into multiple enemies with no back up, other than his enormous Gore-Choppa, the Orruks saw this as a masterful strategy. After all you can’t chop enemies who aren’t in chopping range! Rezgut proved himself repeatedly throughout the campaign and came to be Drakka’s right hand man. Even when a Warchanter showed up in camp one night Rezgut still stood next to Drakka in the charge. Rezgut and Smasha Bonekruncha, as he was known, took an instant liking to each other and ended up sticking close together throughout the rest of their fights. With Drakka bellowing out a ferocious WAAAAAAAGH! Every time the battle was joined and Smasha beating out a ferocious and tribal beat, Rezgut was a force to behold. Swinging his Gore-Choppa like it weighed nothing and bisecting foes left and right brought a wild and terrible joy to the warband and drove them to victory consistently.

During one particularly brutal scrum the Orruks managed to not immediately kill a few of the more important looking grots hounding them. These 2 ended up being “Powerful Shaman!” and allied themselves with the Orruk Warband for quite a few battles. Towards the end of the campaign the shaman made off in the middle of the night and were subsequently never seen again. This did not bother the Orruk… except for Drog who kept mentioning something about his prized bottle stash but a quick headbutt shut him back up.

Overall the Warband found their Scrap and Rezgut walked off with a mighty Axe to chop more enemies with. While most of the boyz found themselves content Drakka set his eyes on the next big fight, the Monsters of the Bloodwind Spoil and anyone else who decided to get in their way!