Many of us are excited about the upcoming Rise of Empires narrative event coming up, even if we can’t attend! If you don’t know about Rise of Empires, then read the description provided by the organizers.

Rise of Empires is a 2-day Narrative Map Campaign weekend, where players can turn up with their armies, battle over a custom map of a city called Colarcanium, trying to vie to become the number 1 and control the city. It is a 40-player event where each table represents a different part of the city, whether that is the Sigi Gate, the Slums district, or the Ruins of Exillicium, each player will have a stronghold to defend and enemies to crush elsewhere.

It is loosely based on the new Firestorm map system from Games Workshop, but with a few tweaks to fit 40 players into it! I wanted to show you how exactly we achieved this and the fun aspects the will be exposed to throughout the weekend.

Front Page 2

The players armies will be based on three different lists over the weekend. None of which are tied to any sort of points. The idea is to show off Age of Sigmar in all its glory, removing the focus of Pitched Battle points and, instead, using other ways to build your army.

The stronghold list, which will be the army you play with when you are defending your own territory is simply, a battalion. Any battalion, even the ones that aren’t pointed can be used. This opens the doors to people who have always liked the looks of a particular themed battalion but never played a game in which they are able to use it. The only restriction is that as a guideline, the battalion should be around 1500pts. But this is of course flexible.

The Path to Glory aspect is for the part of the army you will be sending out to attack other players domains. Like any Path to Glory, you choose your initial warband and then add follower units from any faction in your alliance based on what models you have or what you want to achieve.

The Skirmish aspect is for the initial scouting parties in the first 2 games. The aspect where you are scouting for new territories and advantages.

How does summoning work at an event where matched play points aren’t used? If you want to know the brilliant answer for how summoning will work, then we recommend you check out the player’s pack for yourself, located on dropbox!

In the coming weeks we’ll feature some pictures of some of the armies being assembled for this event. In the meantime, check out this customized map which has actually been printed out as a tabletop layout for the weekend.

Colarcanium-Final Small


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