After Coalescence last year the NEON team wanted to feature some of the Narrative Event Organizers we knew. So, we started a series of articles called NEO of Note interviewing some NEOs about their thoughts on narrative play and inviting them to share details about their local communities.

But it’s time to open this series up to the wider community, and we need your help.

We want to hear about a NEO of note you know! It can be anyone in your community that promotes fun narrative play with your local group in any way. Or it could be yourself. Send us details about a NEO you know.

You can send us information about your favorite NEO on our CONTACT PAGE.

Or email direct to 

For ideas on what to write about your NEO of note, consider these questions we’ve asked NEOs in the past:

1. How is this person an awesome NEO? (What’s the NEO’s experience in the hobby in general and with event organizing specifically?)

2. Can you tell us about the local group? (Where and when do players meet for games; what are some noteworthy events, charitable acts and/or engagement with the local community?)

3. Do you have a memorable story to share? (What motivates the NEO to run events and promote the hobby in general and narrative gaming specifically?)

Thanks for your help recognizing and celebrating more NEOs. Remember: anyone that has taken initiative to encourage narrative play can be considered a NEO. Even if someone has only run a narrative game with one other player, we believe that counts!

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