Have you ever run a Narrative Event?  Do you have some spare time you’d like to use for planning a gaming event? Now is the time to try your hand at Narrative Event Organizing!  Narrative Events don’t always need to be a big conference hall of generals battling, it can be just you and one friend (maybe even a member of your household) playing some narrative games as part of a larger story. 

The staff at WeAreTheNEON have been distracted in recent weeks, but we’re excited about a proposal one member made to start planning a collaborative event for the summer. And we would like to extend a challenge to you: organize a Narrative Age of Sigmar Event for yourself and your friends!  To that end, we’ve worked together to create a community designed setting, the Neon Archipelago, that gives everyone a chance to forge their own story while also battling within a shared locale and narrative.

“The Neon Archipelago is a mysterious, ever-shifting archipelago shrouded in a glowing arcane mist from whence it gets its name.  The primary feature of the Archipelago is the Neon Isles, hundreds of scattered islands ranging from just barely large enough to build a dock and warehouse, to large enough to sustain an empire of millions.  Because the isles are so numerous and ever-shifting, they remain mostly uncharted. There are specific “safe” channels that sailors use to travel between islands where the only thing you need to worry about are pirates. Thankfully the Coastal Patrol keeps the pirates in check, but outside of safe channels you’re on your own because this is Ghur and “There be monsters here”.  On the islands in the waters and in the skies, nothing stays in this area for long without going feral. Many of the islands are home to cannibals or worse.”

The Neon Archipelago isn’t just any setting though.  It’s been workshopped by numerous Narrative Event Organizers to set the scene for a multitude of stories to come into contact.  It is set in Ghur, which is perhaps the most Narrative of the Mortal Realms (at least if you use those Realm rules). It is a chain of ever-shifting islands, so you can create your own, or build on the ideas of other NEOs.  It is shrouded in arcane mists, so anything could happen, it’s unmapped and unknown! What type of stories will you tell in the Neon Archipelago?

We encourage you to share your event packs, campaign rules, and battleplans, to collaborate with your fellow NEOs, to pilfer story elements, and of course to share pictures (lots of pictures) of your glorious battles!  Use #NeonArchipelago on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook so that your events can be added to the ongoing narrative of the Neon Archipelago! It’s all connected!

Email us at wearetheneon@gmail.com or send us feedback on our contact page: wearetheneon.com/contact/ Thanks!

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