Two new Battletomes are out, and so are the new Path to Glory rules!
As we have seen from other recent battletomes, and White Dwarf updates, each army has been receiving their own special rules for Path to Glory, allowing you to bring their unique flavour and army lore into your gaming experience!

Path to Glory is the new common language to play Narrative Games of Age of Sigmar (quoting the Mortal Realms’ Paul@pjschard), which allows players to build up their army’s story and roster, as they play any kind of game (Open, Narrative or Matched Play), anywhere and against anyone.

Doug from 2+Tough has once again done an awesome review of the new Path to Glory rules, this time for the new Idoneth Deepkin and Fyreslayer tomes.

Idoneth Deepkin Path to Glory

As expected, Deepkin armies will be on the hunt for souls from the units they destroy, which increases their soul quota after each game. Expending souls can help your units with Injuries and Casualties recover more easily, or recruit units for your Order of Battle for cheaper. One of their quests even triggers a special battleplan to raid a civilian settlement to reap more souls. New veteran abilities make your Idoneth even more deadly at manipulating the aethersea, and special Territories are also included, one of them being your own Chorrileum.

Fyreslayers Path to Glory

Accumulate ur-gold in your magmahold’s vault, and spend it by throwing ale festivals, fund digging expeditions to find new valuable Territories, or forge new artefacts of power.
To find ur-gold, your army must fulfill mercenary contracts and maintain their lodge’s reputation, being careful to balance greed with risk to your reputation by doing disreputable deeds (but which can score you a LOT of gold). You can even haggle for more gold after your contract!
And of course, a slew of Fyreslayer-themed quests, unique veteran abilities, and special Territories.

Thank you for doing the breakdown for all of us, Doug!

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