Official Path to Glory events are now running at this year’s Games Workshop US Opens!

This is the chance for narrative players out there across the US to show GW that we are up for it, and want them to keep supporting Narrative Play even more!

“[…] each weekend’s Crusade and Path to Glory events begin on Friday after work and continue Saturday and Sunday, offering an epic narrative if that’s more your speed than a head-to-head tournament. “…
“[…] our most ambitious narrative events yet for fans of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, with a huge, immersive experience that promises a weekend unlike anything else.” …
” [For the Santa Ana Open, the final Grand Narrative] You don’t need to have attended any previous events to join in the Grand Narrative, but tickets will be limited.”

Most of the Path to Glory events seem to be 3 days of gaming, and the ticket includes admission to the event and a number of official exclusive GW goodies and swag (plus a discount to the affiliated hotel).
The event Rules Packs are not out yet, so we can only speculate how they will be running Path to Glory in the context of the 3 day event. It will be very exciting to see how they will do it, and how Path to Glory can become more visible at events on a regular basis.

LINKS TO THE EVENTS (tickets for Seattle & San Diego are already open! Grab yours quick!)

US Open Seattle 2022 May 6th – May 8th

US Open San Diego 2022 June 9th – June 12th

US Open Chicago 2022 October 6th – October 9th

US Open Kansas City 2022 October 27th – October 30th

Grand Narrative & US Open Finale 2022 New Mexico November 17th – November 20th

Read the whole official announcement on Warhammer Community:

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