The Coalescence Global Narrative Event 2017 was a grassroots effort by an independent group of narrative organizers trying to attract more attention to narrative play as another way to enjoy Warhammer Age of Sigmar. As much as we all enjoy and respect the work Tournament Organizers do at all levels of matched play, we wanted to define the narrative events we organize by calling ourselves Narrative Event Organizers. And to demonstrate we could create a successful event on a larger scale we attempted to plan our first global narrative event, Coalescence, centered around 10 June 2017.


 We had more than a hundred organizers from around the globe contact us with interest in participating, and we had reports from 45 separate events from many different countries with hundreds of players participating in the same event. We certainly couldn’t have seen such a degree of success without enthusiastic narrative event organizers and the players they led through a day of epic narrative gaming. Check out the overview and a few retrospectives from some of the events in this blog.

But now it’s time to start planning for next year and Coalescence 2018! What will be in store next summer for participants? How will the victory of Chaos last summer affect the Mortal Realms in the coming year? Why don’t you join our team and help us develop plans to make the Coalescence Global Narrative Event even more epic than last year!

Send us an email to and let us know how you would like to help. We’re looking for writers to work on both rules and story, graphic designers to illustrate the player’s pack and other materials we will create, and we can always use a few playtesters to help perfect the battleplans and help create an awesome set of new rules for the time of Coalescence!



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