The Age of Sigmar Grand Narrative continues its Ships of Renown theme for the third year running in 2018, debuting the new Epic Ships. The first to be unveiled is the Heldenhammer, the grand ship of the Devoted of Sigmar in the narrative. This hobby project was envisioned and enacted by the AoS Grand Narrative team to take the designs from smaller scale Games Workshop games such as Dreadfleet and Man’o’War and realize them in full Heroic Scale.


The Heldenhammer will be a dynamic terrain element during the AoS Narrative Event, appearing in specially scheduled games to sail against other Ships of Renown! Players can expect to command the movement of the ship over ocean maps, fortify the decks to take advantage of its special rules, or use it as a launching platform for the custom airships that each Narrative player will bring. Heldenhammer will be only one of four Epic Ships and a score of smaller ships in the naval battles that form an exciting chapter in our AoS Narrative event plans!



The AoS Narrative Team started work on the Heldenhammer and other epic ships shortly after the conclusion of last year’s events. This project was realized through a combination of 3d printing, fabric soft goods, clay sculpting, and use of existing sculpts from a variety of manufacturers. It stands 36 inches tall at its highest mast with a hull measuring 38 inches long and 10 inches wide. It is designed to act as a deployment zone for a medium-sized Age of Sigmar army. The Narrative Team took inspiration from GW’s 2011 board game Dreadfleet and began building a model to match this design, something strongly based in Warhammer history but unlike any existing model kit. If you are interested in this hobby project, we are detailing the build on the Narrative Event Organizers blog ( and will be publishing updates on the event preparations through the NOVA Newsletter. And check out the events at NOVA Open.

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