Andrew Long is a NEO running his second narrative event in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s called the Labyrith of Eternity and commences on Sunday, September 23rd. Here are some of the featured cards he’s using for the event.

Andrew: Here are the rules that players will use to explore the labyrinth. I wanted to channel fighting fantasy books, in particular Deathtrap Dungeon for this story, leaving the story somewhat to the hands of destiny yet retaining a players’ perception they have control of this destiny.

Some unique cards in the decks refer to the core plot pictured here. As opposed to other cards, they have a benign effect and simply build the world of the pharon. Consider it a narrative delivered in bite size chunks via these story cards. The missions themselves frame the narrative to give it cohesion.

In addition to unique battleplans and awesome cards, Andrew is also putting together new terrain for the event. We wish him and his players the best time exploring the Labyrinth of Eternity and look forward to featuring a retrospective of the event soon!

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