A group of narrative minded players in the Northern Virginia region came together again for the third annual Fawkes Hunt Age of Sigmar event.


The previous two years the event was played on the 5th of November, but with the date on Monday this year the organizers scheduled it for Saturday the 10th. This year also featured a new venue.

Players had registered and submitted an army background narrative by the 5th of November. And after convening at the Games Tavern the nine players were divided into three groups to play the first battleplan which featured a race across the landscape of Ghur in pursuit of the criminally minded Wizard Fawkes. Some intended to bring the rogue wizard to justice while others hunted him merely for the bounty.

Players convene, tables are set, and the hunt is about to begin.


But being in Ghur, the mortal realm of beasts, involved some monstrous beasts the wizard had mystically charmed and sent to slow his pursuers.


Toward the end of the third and final round, the wizard had been found on his ship and protected by a company of lethal Witch Aelves. Several of the players spent the clue cards they had earned in previous games to teleport units to the table where the ship had been found. Soon enough, all of the players had collected enough clue cards to teleport most or even all of their units to the ship table.


Fawkes seemed to be surrounded on all sides by overwhelming odds, but his mystical power of persuasion convinced some of the players to support and even defend him from the other players. The table was a chaotic battle among at least three factions dividing the eight players. Some of the players began suggesting new ideas, and one KO player decided to crash his frigate directly into the ship, catching it aflame and killing most of the witch aelves that were aboard as the personal bodyguard of Fawkes.

46370509_883576231851003_4942921442552446976_n (1)

In the final turn, a small band of Stormcast years managed to knock the wizard unconscious, and the nighthaunt warband, accompanied by a black coach, snatched up the wizard and spirited him away to the hunting fields of the ravenak.

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