This week has been filled with pictures and stories of armies preparing to march on upcoming narrative events, and if you haven’t seen some of the activity online we’d like to share some links.


siege.pngFirst, a new event in Madison, Wisconsin, USA called All Hallows’ Siege features a variety of battleplans providing each player different objectives to strive to achieve. Check out the page on Facebook while the pack is also part of the collection of narrative event plans here and if you’re not fortunate enough to attend in person you can catch a glimpse of the action on Twitter.




Meanwhile, half a continent and an ocean away, the RAW team is preparing to run yet another Realms at War in the United Kingdom. This is another annual event by a dedicated team of NEOs that have been working together for years. You can catch up with stories and armies the players are preparing on Twitter and if you haven’t seen what they did last year then you may not have seen the posts on this blog about that awesome event in these posts.

Both of these events have been planned by NEOs involved with Coalescence and are aiming to guide players through an awesome narrative experience this weekend.


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