With the trimming of the Realm Artefacts of Power (from Malign Sorcery) from the Matched Play standards ~1 year ago, the potential for exploring more crazy and interesting magical items dropped quite a bit.

We have seen a couple more crop up since, in the Broken Realms series (as part of Realm of Battle rules) and now the Universal Artefacts of Power in AoS 3.0.


In the latest episode of Rantcast, maestros of storytelling and game design, Mr. Mephisto and Vince Venturella (of WarhammerWeekly fame), pitch us all a list of interesting magical items they’d like to see in Age of Sigmar.
Aiming at both balance AND fun engagement on the table.

NEOs, if you were looking for some new cool ideas for artefacts to give to your players, here’s the chance. Take notes.

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