A new worldwide narrative event for Age of Sigmar is starting in just a week away!

The Vurm-Tai campaign runs from 9th-27th September 2021, through The Great Weave website.

If you missed Animosity III, or have already recovered from it and are bored out of your Mork-muscle, ‘The Vurm-Tai campaign’ is here to shake things up!

And it’s BIG!

The Plot

A gargantuan worm has been diverted from its migratory route in Ghur, and will now pass right “through” the free city of Nassollotyl. This city is… well, a city in two parts, built on the backs of two massive Godbeasts, who meet in a VERY regular migration pattern.

The worm is being followed closely by the Vurm-Tai nomads (the ‘worm-riders’), whose way of life is to follow in the great worms’ wake, picking off the remains for a living. The Vurm-Tai worship the God-King as the great Zig-mah, and work hard to steer the creatures away from lands tainted with Chaos.

Nassollotyl is responding to the coming of the worm by launching a Dawnbringer Crusade to ride the creature to new lands, when it passes, and eventually form a new city. This is a crazy plan, especially by the standards of anyone not from the Realm of Beasts, so a lot of preparation is ongoing. And enemies of Nassollotyl are already planning to use the confusion to invade the city and/or enact their devious plots.

Players from around the world will decide what happens.

How do I participate?

Players from around the world can play games of Age of Sigmar, Warcry or Soulbound, locally with their friends or over the internet, set in the events of the campaign, by choosing one of the available Quests as an objective. 

This represents what their forces are trying to achieve in their games and in the story.

Each Quest represents the various events that are happening in the campaign, and anyone, regardless of Alliance, can work to resolve a Quest in a way that gives their alliance the advantage.

Players submit a narrative summary of the events of their game(s) to The Great Weave website on the relevant Quests page. The number of submissions in each Quest will steer the event in a particular direction, and change the story moving forward.
As the story unfolds, the grand plans of each of the leaders behind the Alliances will be advanced in one way or another by the actions of players.

Be sure to check out the Campaign’s page on the Great Weave, including the FAQ if you have any questions about how the campaign or the Quests work.

Collaborative storytelling and teamwork

Every submission players send will automatically be logged into The Great Weave, as one thread of the many stories that already make the tapestry that is the website. Everyone will be able to read their fellow players’ exploits as soon as they submit them, and can use their stories’ as a jumping off point for their own.

Local NEOs can organize their gaming groups to all take part in the campaign, each on different teams and fighting within the story, at their local gaming store or club.

Players can also join The Great Weave discord server, and have access to campaign secrets that will help them win certain quests. Each Alliance has a secret channel they can use to discuss their plans, and even use a secret piece of information to achieve victory.

In the author’s own words:
We asked Keegan West, the NEO behind the event and The Great Weave itself, to explain to us his ideas behind the “Vurm-Tai campaign”, and using the Weave to run worldwide online campaigns like this.

Keegan: The Great Weave is really an attempt to provide a platform for players and NEOs to be as creative as possible. I want to create a space where people can feel proud about their part of the hobby, and the creations they make, no matter the medium. From hobby reports to prose storytelling, character creation to world-building in its fullest sense; I want the Weave to be able to provide as much help as possible. I also want players to feel like they’re part of something larger, that even if they make a single NPC-like character, that it exists in this broader, amazing world full of wonder, danger, and adventure. 

At the same time, it’s sometimes hard to know how to take advantage of everything the Weave offers. Vurm-tai is one of many creations that aims to show what’s possible inside the system, in particular the creation and interaction of “Quests” in conjunction with character, location, and lore creation. Everything that was made for Vurm-tai is made with the exact same toolset as everyone else has access to, any NEO could create something like this inside the Weave for both local and online events.

My heart is just to serve and honour others’ time and efforts. Personally, I hope that if there’s one thing that NEOs (or players!) understand from Vurm-tai, it’s that they’re capable of creating something similar for their own context, whether it’s for a couple of players or a hundred, no matter how simple or complex their ideas may be!


Thank you Keegan! Vurm-Tai is looking up to be amazing, several of our narrative buddies from around the world have already joined!
What are YOU waiting for?

You can follow Keegan @horizonslackey on Twitter and as HorizonsLackey on Twitch streaming Warhammer games.

Let us know what you think about this new event in the comments below!

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