There are a number of upcoming narrative events for Age of Sigmar coming up! Get signed up while you can!
Organized Narrative Play is this elusive mythical thing: events are few and far between, so keep track of what’s out there so you can find them!

After a summer where COVID lockdowns were finally loosened, we saw a few big events running, such as WarhammerWitneyOne (England, UK), Battle Across the Realms (Ohio, USA), Call of the Beastgrave (Texas, USA) and Animosity III: the Prime Dominion (worldwide event).

Now many new events are coming up! 


The Vurm-Tai campaign (worldwide online event at the Great Weave)
9-27 September 2021

A Free City that exists atop 2 godbeasts (!) is dispatching a Dawnbringer Crusade to jump onto a passing giant worm… and its enemies wish to take advantage of the confusion.
The campaign is already ongoing, with many narrative players contributing with battle stories from their games and new models they have hobbied!
Run by Keegan West who maintains The Great Weave platform for AoS player narrative creations.

‘The Ghosts of Amasya’ Animosity Weekender (at the SoCal Open, California, USA)
23-24 October 2021

The first narrative event at the SoCal Open! A 2-team event with secrets chats and planning, Artefacts that grow in power, and random tables of weather and hazards!
Ran by narrative powerhouse Naro Hewitt, from the Las Vegas scene. Part of the worldwide Animosity Weekender event, where players across the world contribute to the unfolding of the story.

3 Empires – Wasteland Warfare: ‘The Dauntless Divide’ (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
5 November 2021

An interactive map conquest campaign, with 3 teams of players vying for supremacy. Plan with your teammates, allocate defenses and hold territories, and take into account the weather!
Ran by narrative grandmarshal Anthony Croupe, from the Las Vegas scene.

Holy Havoc 5: the Warlord Ascends (Naperville, Illinois, USA)
5-7 November 2021

The legendary narrative tournament returns! The most beautifully themed tables bring the Mortal Realms to life… but the tables also hate you and want to kill your models. A doubles event, where each player’s Warlord grows in power.
Ran by the original veteran NEO, Stephen Herner.

Oasis Aflame II (at the Las Vegas Open 2022, Nevada, USA)
28-29 January 2022

The return to the oasis and its Caravan Masters! Players will have to earn in-game coins and spend it wisely, either for in-game effects or in the Bazaar! Player teams allied to one of the Caravan Masters will battle over map territories that will be fully recreated on the table.
Ran by veteran NEO master of logistics, Bill Castello, of Rolling Bad podcast fame.

These events are all amazing experiences: if you are in the area, reach out to them, they might still have tickets available!
Remember: even if they are full, there are always places opening up for those in the wait-list! 

What do you think of all these narrative events popping up everywhere? Let us know in the comments below.

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