Yet another narrative event taking place this summer!
A two-team megabattle at Atomic Hobby Shop, around Houston TX, USA, on July 31st 2021, using mass battles rules!

Players’ armies will be clashing in Ghur, coming from all across the realms to conquer a confluence of Realmgates, heeding the call of the living mountain of Beastgrave. The battle will last all day, with players split into 2 teams and defending their own constructed Stronghold.

We chatted with Kyle Valdez @valdy2011, the NEO behind the event, on what players can expect and what interesting Narrative Play tricks they will be using.

Q: Please summarize Call of the Beastgrave Megabattle for us, and what players will be able to experience.

A: So the Call of the Beastgrave is a two team event where we hope to have Chaos vs everyone else. This is taking place right before Kragnos escapes, so players are going to be attempting to summon Kragnos himself to the battlefield. 

Q: What Narrative innovations and rules will you be deploying in this event? 
We have seen you will be using a modified version of the Gathering of Might mass battles rules, from General’s Handbook 2018. There will be some HUGE armies, grand spells and a Warlord voted for each team, from among their players, right?

A: Yes we have adapted the Gathering of Might rules from 2018 because we would definitely not be able to run a game this size without them. Each player can bring 3000-4000 points so anything to make it go faster is 100% needed. 
We are also letting players make their own units using the Anvil of Apotheosis, Anvil of Blood or just their own brains. I personally created a whole new battletome that I will be using in the event which is the Dragon Cult: a slaves to darkness derivative.

Q: One big feature of the battle is that each team will have a Stronghold, made up of several pieces of terrain clumped together, garrisonable and with its own warscroll. Tell us more about it.

A: So I have always seen terrain as being an integral part of Age of Sigmar. Excellent terrain with excellent rules makes every game even better. 
The stronghold idea started when I listened to Rob from the Honest Wargamer and Vince from Warhammer Weekly discussing their tournament terrain ideas. Their rules for it were simple and clear, so we are using those terrain rules for the event, but we wanted to add a little more narrative flair to each side. The stronghold was the next logical step where you could buff your own army by garrisoning or owning a nice piece of terrain. We wanted to make it destroyable as well, so even though we are playing in AoS 3.0 now, this piece of terrain cannot be destroyed by a monster that easily.

Q: Battling in Ghur, you will be allowing players to send out calls at Beast Totems, to empower their Heroes or even bring a God of Destruction to the battle! And random events! Is this how you will be bringing the Age of Beasts to your tabletop?

A: Absolutely. Before we got the 3.0 previews we figured that Ghur and monsters would be a focus for the edition, but it has aligned so well that our event fits right into the theme of 3.0. 

Q: What would you like to say to players out there to motivate them to come to the Call of the Beastgrave Megabattle, or join you in future Narrative Events in the Houston Age of Sigmar scene?

A: Just reach out. We have a Houston AoS discord that is extremely active, (see below). We will definitely be doing some more narrative events because of the excitement this has brought up. Who knows what else AoS 3.0 will open up for us, but it’s definitely a great time to be an AoS player. 

Click here to join the Houston AoS Discord!

Find the rules pack for Call of the Beastgrave HERE!

Thank you Kyle, for putting this event together!

If you are in the area, reach out to them, they might still have places available!
Remember: there are always places opening up for those in the wait-list!


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