The Worldwide Narrative Event for Age of Sigmar is back!

What better way to kick off the new edition of Age of Sigmar, and new Narrative Play rules like Path to Glory, than the return of this massive global event?

Last year, more than 90 players from all across the world clashed in a Shyishian underworld. Now, Team Animosity has again opened the doors for gaming groups to participate in a grand scale narrative, and for hobbyists, writers and artists to engage in it together, from the comfort of their homes.


Animosity Campaigns is where choose-your-own-adventure meets “submit any hobby/game/writing/art”. And still fully compatible with social distancing.

It is a global collaborative storytelling event, with contributions from players around the world steering the direction of the plot and their personal narratives making their way into a grand story arc.

Players are able to participate in Animosity Campaigns through whatever way they enjoy their hobby the most: (safe) games of Age of Sigmar and Warcry, Soulbound roleplay sessions, painted and/or converted models, diorama photography of a battle set-up, written short stories, drawn artwork and even cosplay!

In this year’s storyline, players’ armies, warbands and characters have been hired by the Satraps of the Prime Dominion: a reclusive aelven kingdom at the edge of Hysh, the Realm of Light. Settled by a splinter culture of Lumineth descendants, the Iscarneth, they have come up with their own interpretations of aelven culture after the destruction of the Spirefall. 

Recent events have set the Satraps against each other in a bid for power and ambition, leading their respective provinces in a struggle for control of the Prime Dominion. Now, all sorts of groups have been flooding into this land, as the Satraps are paying well and are not very picky over whose blades fight for their cause.

2+ Tough has put together a great intro to the background of the Prime Dominion:


At its most bare-bones, each Campaign Turn you submit something (games played, hobby, writing, artwork or even cosplay!), connecting it to the story, and your submissions help your Coalition win and will shape the Unfolding Narrative of the Campaign. 

Coalitions are player teams in conflict with one another: you can talk tactics with your team, write group narratives together, and engage other Coalitions in battle- or even through diplomacy, in the Animosity Discord server.

As a core mechanic of Animosity Campaigns, each Coalition is led by a charismatic non-player character we call a Figurehead, to whom your character has pledged allegiance in exchange for riches, influence or secrets.

Players sign up for the Coalition of their choice, in Discord server: they represent hired armies and warbands supporting a particular Figurehead, which is one of the Satraps of the Prime Dominion.

Each turn, players will be presented with a choice of Narrative Paths on how to best help their Coalition. They then submit “Reports” in support of their Coalition’s efforts through the Animosity Campaigns Report form, choosing one of these Narrative Paths with each report, as well as sharing their contribution for that turn and how it fits into the story.

Team Animosity then aggregates all of these together into one grand Unfolding Narrative, using the players’ interpretation of the setting and their acts of daring-do to flesh out the events that occur.

Players can also engage in strategizing and sharing short stories in their Coalition’s private Discord channel, where many have already started developing their characters’ personal backstories & narratives. This year, we also have two channels dedicated to in-character roleplay, representing two rival food establishments in the capital city of Iscarion: ‘The Epicurean’ and ‘Five Guys, Nurgle & Flies’. They function as information brokers and an in-game method for players to ask questions about the Prime Dominion and its politics.

There will be five Campaign Turns, each lasting for a week: 4 days for players to submit Reports, and 3 days for Animosity Team to compile them into the Unfolding Narrative as well as next Turn’s Paths).


Animosity Campaigns has been around since the days of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. For almost a decade, it brought cooperative storytelling and intense strategy on a grand scale to Warhammer players around the world. Since 2019, Team Animosity has worked to reinvent this incredible experience for Age of Sigmar and a new generation of players, with even more ways to participate.

Most notably, Animosity III is not a map campaign. Although there is a map, it exists for narrative purposes and as a playing ground for player’s stories and battles. Our Setting page has a number of interesting locations, guilds and businesses that players can use to craft their stories and as plots in their Soulbound sessions.

Coalitions win- or lose- the campaign by how successfully their Coalition navigates the Unfolding Narrative, and the impact their choices have on the setting itself. The more Reports you put into a Narrative Path in a turn, the more likely it will be successful. There will always be an enemy Coalition opposing them, meaning players will be going head-to-head with other players from the top of Turn 1.There is no clean, numerical scoring regarding objectives: players will need to read the narrative and make their best guess. 

Finally, the impact of player’s choices will be felt long-term as the campaign progresses, and shapes the story of future Animosity Campaigns.

Beyond the campaign narrative, there are a large number of player achievements we will recognize at the end of the campaign too, such as best hobby, best written story, biggest MVP for their faction, as well as awards for creative problem-solving and most ambitious over-the-top narrative!

To add to the entertainment value, during the campaign everyone can tune in to Narrative Labs, home of live narrative battle reports on Twitch, which will be setting their battles in Animosity III.
Viewers can vote on the live Twitch chat to decide which special effects and rules appear in the battle and cause all sorts of mayhem, and tip the chances of victory for their Coalition of choice.

Find out how to jump in and participate in Animosity III now!

Coalition registration open on Discord on July 1st, and Turn 1 starts on Wednesday July 14th!
Follow @AnimosityCmpgns for updates.

Hope to see you on the battlefield!

Team Animosity

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