A new narrative event will take place at TJ Cafe and Games, in Milford, MA USA (between Boston MA and Providence RI), on the 26th Nov 2021!

This narrative event will be a struggle to control the Bloodgullet Mawpath: this place of power in the Realm of Beasts has conjured up a storm for reasons unknown, siphoning the winds of magic into itself.

Some of the forces of Order wish to contain or dissipate it, before it can be used by enemy forces. Many others scheme to take control of it and use it to power their schemes, or open a new warp rift. The armies of Destruction, of course, know this is a chance for a good scrap, and the Realm calls to them to feed the conflict at the Bloodgullet.
During this event, players will be able to gather artefacts and channel the wild energies of the storm vortex!

Prizes will be awarded for fulfilling event objectives, which include both winning battles but also dominating the magical forces on the table!

We chatted with the lead NEO for the event, Jack McKay about what players can expect from it. 

Q: Please summarize the event for us, and what players can expect.

A: My goal was to create an event that could focus on spell casters all circling around a single event with multiple goals. So I began with how to create some sort of battle focused on magic. Every bit of lore from the Realm of Beasts talks about how the land shifts and almost lives – so I imagined the Realm itself reacting to the rampant magic loose in the world.

With that premise, I brainstormed different objectives for the various factions in the game. Since I wanted to focus on a store – I made the event more narrative. So Order is trying to stop the event, destruction is trying to push it to success, chaos and death are trying to manipulate it to their own ends. I am hoping it plays out in this way.
The first battle is at 1500 points and is a focus on finding artifacts that will help armies fight against the magical forces of the Realm of Beasts. The hunt for Stormvaults happens here.

The second battle will have the forces fighting at 1000 points, but with additional rules for the vortex in the center of the board and magical effects bouncing around. The third battle will see the last remaining forces (500 points) trying for their final gambits.

Q: What Narrative innovations and special rules will you be deploying in this event? We know there will be a decreasing army size over battles, and a crazy new Living Magic Phase.

A:  I am going to be adding an extra phase into the second and third games that allow the Realm of Beasts and the wizards (or priests) from the armies to have a round to interact with the board. This will include the vortex throwing magic at the armies, and wizards dispelling or shamans empowering various parts of the board. In this The Vortex can infuse destruction armies with power or remove powers from other armies.
Endless spells will be beneficial. So if you have some, bring them.

Also, every army will have a wizard (or priest) separate from their core army, and will be able to interact with spells for this event. The wizards will be the driving force behind the narrative – they are the characters with the power to interact with this tumultuous event. 

Q: These Wizards or Priests will be tapping into the power of the vortex storm each round. How will this work?

A: The Wizard/Priest will be the commanding general. Each faction will play a little differently (I hope) – but the idea is that forces of Order will attempt to remove and dispel as much magic as possible while the force of Destruction will try to add magic to this vortex. Each army will gain benefits for focusing on their objective. And if an army can interfere with the wizards to stop them from interacting with the vortex… it will heavily impact the overall story.  

Q: Some armies have similar motivations to come to the Mawpath, either to seal it, protect it or conquer its power. Will there be any alliance dynamics that players be able to experience? 

A: I haven’t worked out all of the details – but I want there to be a shared goal between all the forces. I want forces of Order to have a shared vision. And I want Death to want to twist the power to their own ends to rebuild the forces shattered by Teclis’s attack. That is not to say Daughters of Khaine and Realmlords will be partners – they might come to blows even though they are both “Order.” But ultimately the ability of alliances to have a shared vision will benefit the entire faction. 

Q: You have ran some narrative events in your local area in the past, and done some amazing terrain pieces, isn’t that right? Tell us a bit about that.

A: I don’t have the expanse of terrain I used to have, but I do have a few key pieces that I kept. Notably a large tower that I sculpted a giant tree next to. TJs has done a lot to add terrain. They have purchased a ton of Battlefield in a Box terrain to get their table set ups going. And will likely be playing mostly on these tables. I do hope to help replicate some of those unique tables I had – but it will take time.   

Q: What would you like to say to players out there, to motivate them to come to this Black Friday Narrative event, and join you at future events in the local scene?

A: I have organized a lot of competitive events and a handful of narrative events. I love both styles for completely different reasons. But narrative lets you be a part of a story.
At the end of a competitive tournament people pack up and chat and talk about some key turns and laugh and head home. After a narrative event, the players have told a story and they can take their champions and build them into a Path to Glory campaign and they have characters who have been part of a greater event. I feel the conversations are different. 

Prizes will be spread throughout the day for various events (as well as a larger prize for the overall faction – Order, Destruction, Death, Chaos – that is able to “win”). So the focus on “winning at all costs” isn’t a factor. In fact, there is every reason to come, hang out, and roll dice just to participate in a fun story.   


Thank you, Jack!

We will be following the event online, so please post lots of pictures on social media!

You can find the Event page here for more details and to reserve your spot.

There are still places available, grab yours before it’s too late!!!
And if they happen to be all taken, sign up for the waitlist: there are always dropouts! (true story)

What do you think about this event?
Do you have any questions for the NEO, and how to get started making awesome terrain for your local scene?
Leave your comments below!


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