Following the success of the Dogs of Warcry podcast’s (@DogsOfWarcry) most recent narrative event at Adepticon 2022, ‘In the Shadow of Mallus’ returns, this time held at Pegasus Games, in Madison WI, USA, in the coming 22nd of May.
Once more players will enter the ruined districts of Excelsis, away from prying eyes and the rebuilding efforts in the wake of the great siege, and pick them clean from riches and Glimmerings, the divinatory currency of the city.

From the Event website:

What is the In the Shadow of Mallus Event?
Shadow of Mallus is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warcry Narrative Event designed and hosted by Josh Arrington and Vint Quamme of the Dogs of Warcry Podcast.

We had an amazing time hosting this event at Adepticon 2022 and want to bring it to our local area. Please see [the event website] for details and registration. We can’t wait to see you there!

“Excelsis, the City of Secrets, a corpse of prophecies and rubble. Skaven, hedonites of Slaanesh, and Kragnos, with his horde of gargants, orruks, and grots have brought the city to its knees. It stands, or rather, it slouches, but it is still controlled by Sigmar and those who favor Order.
Mallus stands majestic, tall against the skyline and brooding over Excelsis. Forever weeping it’s prophecies; tantalizing with its glimpses of the future. Is that why you are here? Do you seek to steal the city’s secrets for your own? Do you wish to pick the bones of its carcass clean?

Players at the Adepticon event got to choose their own quest, with branching decisions that awarded them a different Artefact of Power at the end, depending of the path they chose. This artefact they can use in future events held by the Dogs of Warcry team. And to finish off the event, players joined in a number of cooperative games against the gargants, where each group of players had to defeat a mega-gargant before they could escape the city with their ill-gotten gains!

Josh and Vint put up a great show, and developed whole storylines for players to choose through, making each player’s event a unique experience.
You can hear more from Dan, from the Salty Sea channel, who was also a player at the event and interviewed Josh and Vint about their design process, as part of his extensive coverage of Warcry at Adepticon.

Should be a great time for everyone who was not able to make it to Adepticon and can make the trip this time.

Visit the ‘In the Shadow of Mallus’ event website to register!

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